How to Have the Best Morning on Your Wedding Day
February 1, 2018
You've been planning your wedding for months, and now the big day is almost here! You deserve to be able to be present in each moment and for your special day to run smoothly from start to finish. However, getting ready is one of those things that often gets overlooked in the planning process, but we're here to help you change that! We sat down with Blue Rose Wedding Photography, Simply by Tamara Nicole, and Yessie Libby Makeup + Styling to get their tips and tricks on planning a smooth, enjoyable morning. From what bites and nibbles to keep on hand to how to capture the best getting-ready images, these proffessionals have all the advice you need. Read on, because you are just a short ways away from sitting back and relaxing with a mimosa in your hand and your besties by your side!
Just when you think you're ready for your wedding day, after all the planning with the help of your soon-to-be mother-in-law, your friends, and your planner, you find yourself confirming with all your vendors the morning of because you fear deep down that you will forget something! Something small – not the ring – but something that you never thought you would. Or you find yourself rushing around, trying to fit everything in to not enough time. Our first piece of advice is simple, and you've probably heard it from everyone, including your bank teller: MAKE LISTS! Creating lists in advance for what you need to bring, who is responsible for what, and where to be when will help your day go smoothly from the very beginning! A few minutes thinking through all of this ahead of the wedding weekend will make all the difference, so here are each of our quick and easy tips to ensure a smooth, enjoyable morning that will set the tone for the BIG day:

Tips From Your Photographer

  1. Turn off your phone, and let your planner handle the last minute details.

  2. Have a great brunch or breakfast, and enjoy it with your bridesmaids.

  3. Get ready in a great vacation rental or awesome place that gives you enough space (and good natural light) to spread out, get ready, and relax. Check sites like Airbnb or VRBO for unique spaces.

  4. Plan for extra time. The last thing you need is any extra stress, so allot more than enough time in the schedule for each part of the day so that you don’t have to worry about being late for anything or rushing through any important photos.

Tips From Your Wedding Planner

  1. Plan for food while you're getting ready or delegate someone to provide/order/bring! These days you can even Amazon or Uber Eats this. You want to avoid getting hangry – or anyone in the wedding party passing out! Make it something fun, easy to eat, and not too messy (ie. food that can stain or get seeds stuck in your teeth, etc). Small bites are cute for photos, too!

  2. Plan for fun details. Get glasses with the names of your wedding party (and anyone else who will be there) written in calligraphy. Purchase cute straws to drink from. Bring a champagne bottle to pop open for a photo. There are so many fun options for detail photos while you're getting ready.

  3. Assign someone the task of coffee run or plan ahead to have coffee delivered or available on site. Coffee is always a good idea!

  4. I always recommend waiting to open gifts for the 'maids these until the photographer is present to capture it!

  5. Specify in advance what everyone should wear while getting ready so that it is cohesive in photos. You can dual purpose this as a gift! Ideas include robes, rompers, pajama sets, etc.

  6. Why not have your favorite dessert just for getting ready? Mini cakes for the win! Who doesn't love some sweet treats?

  7. If you don't have a planner to do this for you, make sure to coordinate the timeline for your wedding day with your hair and makeup artists, photographer, etc. in advance for the getting ready portion. Don't forge time for the fun photos! Keeping in mind what each vendor recommends and building in extra time just in case will allow a smooth, stress free morning.

  8. You hired your dream team for your wedding, so let go of ALL of the details and just sit back, turn your phone off, and enjoy your morning. Be present in the moment and trust your amazing hired vendors to rock your big day!

Tips From Your Makeup Artist

  1. Make sure you talk to your artist about the look for your bridal party in advance. Trust me, your team will thank you for this! The hair and makeup artists can then plan to have the right supplies on hand and can give you any instructions in advance, and you will be so glad to not have to make any sudden changes on your wedding day.

  2. When planning your timeline, take into consideration those who can't wake up early, those with babies, and those who might or might not get on your nerves!

  3. Everyone will tell you, "You need to eat something!" and yeah, it's so true, but remember that you can reward yourself with a delicious mimosa right after eating...or two!

  4. Make sure you can count on at least two if not all of your bridesmaids to keep the room clean and tell everyone where things need to be placed. I have seen too many times where the ring or undies have gone missing.

  5. After all those stressful yet fun months of planning, it's time to sit and savor every moment. Be present! You don't want to look back in the future thinking of the horrible morning you had because of a small mishap. It's your wedding day, so enjoy it!

  6. Okay, okay, fine. One more tip. Pamper yourself! Put on a mask the night before, drink a glass of cucumber water first thing that morning, and don't forget to moisturize those hands!

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