They Booked an Airbnb for Their Wedding Venue Sight Unseen
January 26, 2018
New England
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Feeling uninspired by the impersonal feel of the wedding venues they had researched, this couple decided to think outside the box and booked a home, sight unseen, using Airbnb for their upcoming nuptials, planned in just four months! With the help of Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles, they transformed the grounds into the warm and welcoming New England wedding they had always dreamed of, and the so sweet photos captured by Callisto + Co. of the beautiful bride in her bespoke Kathryn Conover dress on her special day are all waiting for you right here.
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This New England summer wedding was the perfect combination of romance, nature, and the kind of feel-good vibes that you get when you return to the town you grew up in and are greeted with open arms by family and friends whom you haven't seen in ages, but it feels just like yesterday. This was the case for Kate and Chris, who are now both living in Manhattan's Greenwich village. They were both born and raised in Massachusetts, just north of Boston, so it felt more meaningful to them that they marry somewhere close to "home".

After doing a little preliminary research on wedding venues and being disappointed by their impersonal feel, the couple decided to think outside of the box and try Airbnb! It was online that they found the rental house which would double as their ceremony and reception site. They booked the property site unseen, and when they finally took a weekend trip to see it, they were initially a bit concerned with the "diamond in the rough". Of course, nothing says outdoor wedding like visiting an outdoor venue in January! It was a bit depressing but their wedding planner, Amy McLaughlin, assured them that all would be absolutely beautiful when summer came around and she had worked her magic!

The bride wanted very simple and organic florals in pastel hues. She wanted the view and the topography to be the focal point. McLaughlin used tons of eucalyptus mixed with blush and white roses to adorn the ceremony arbor. Guests were given fans in case they became overheated at the ceremony. The couple's dog Penny, a rescue dog, was one of the highlights of the day. She was the most well behaved little girl and had the demeanor of an adopted child who was just so grateful to have been chosen to love. The evening's fare of choice was a bistro style selection of comfort foods including a sliders bar and flatbread station. To top it off, Kate and Chris chose a whoopie pie buffet over the traditional wedding cake –a huge hit with kids and adults alike!
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