We're Kicking Off the Year of Royal Weddings With This Regal-Worthy Affair
January 24, 2018
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Twenty eighteen has promised to be the year of royal weddings, so what better way to get the ball rolling than with a regal looking wedding in the majestic city of Vienna? From the cake by Demel (the official royal patisserie) to the magnificent and historic venues, A Very Beloved Wedding expertly crafted a wedding fit for a queen. Press play on the film by Sequence Five and then head to the beautiful gallery where each image captured by Love Is My Favorite Color will make all your fairytale wedding dreams come true.
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From the groom...We met four years ago at a professional event at World Bank. We were both working there but in different organizations and happened to have mutual acquaintances. It was not love at first sight but a destiny. Ije was sitting on the opposite, strategic position in the conference room. A friend introduced us to each other and told Ije she stole my chair. She apologized and continued apologizing afterwards. I told her it was okay, but only if she had lunch with me. Some weeks later, we went out for lunch, in the best Indian restaurant in Washington.

From the bride... My first impression: He was very tall, very impressive when he walked into the room….and so charming. Our first date took us a couple of weeks. It was at a lovely Indian restaurant, a very expensive one. We had wine there, too. Time passed by. We met in April and had out first date in May. We also had a lot of smaller dates – jazz night, coffee, etc. Then we had a long distance relationship as I relocated. We kept meeting half way in cities in between. That’s how we ended up in Vienna.

It was clear to us that we needed not only a wedding planner but also a designer, and A Very Beloved Wedding is the perfect team for this. They captured our essence and made the wedding style ours: classic, elegant, rhythmic, and fun. Our wedding was, of course, imperial as we got married in one of the most imperial cities of Europe: Vienna. Our cake was made by the royal patisserie, and our décor was historic and timeless. Vienna is the hidden gem of Europe for us. We fell in love with the city and of course with each other on one of our visits. From then on we knew, we had to get married in Vienna.
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