3 Things to Understand Before You Book Your Wedding Photographer
January 23, 2018
Picking your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendor decisions you will make! When the wedding is over, you and your husband will look at these photos for years to come to relive the magic of the day and share with loved ones.

While a great start to finding photographers is looking through posts of previous weddings they've shot, there are a couple of questions and answers you might not know you need to ensure you get the photographer of your dreams!
We asked photographer Jackie of Whiskers & Willows Photography to give us three important things you should ALWAYS ask and understand before deciding on your wedding photographer.

Asking to see a full gallery is a must
"Most photographers curate their brand heavily. Rightfully so, as it captures your attention and draws you in, and instantly tells you exactly what that photographer's style is. However, they may not always show nighttime flash photography or family photos in their portfolio so it's important to be able to see a full gallery to get a sense of what you can expect throughout an entire wedding day."

Understand why a photographer does what he/she does.
"Make sure to ask why they do what they do and what they are passionate about. And that answer may resonate well with you or it may not. If you are a bride who relishes in the fine details of her day, and wants to get her wedding published in a magazine, then a photographer who can speak to their passion for editorial style imagery might be a good fit for you."

"If you want a photographer who can step back and survey the scene to capture candid moments, then a documentary style photographer who can speak to this aspect of a wedding day might be right up your alley. Of course, there will be a spectrum of styles. But asking this question can at least help you narrow down your fit."

Get a sense of how you will work together
"Photographers must make their couples feel relaxed in front of the camera, and so it's so important to get a sense of how a photographer will work with you. Some photographers might have a certain way that they direct clients in portrait sessions. Others might take a more hands-off approach. If you feel you might need a lot of direction, it might be good to find a photographer who is going to give that to you."

"There are many more questions that should be asked but aren't deal breakers, like pricing and turnaround time, film vs digital, etc. But the main goal is to identify if you resonate with the work and can trust that what you see is what you will get. And you want to be able to resonate with the photographer at a personal level!"

Bottom Line

"The two biggest things to learn about a photographer before booking are style and personality. I think by asking to see a full gallery, researching all of the photographer's curated portfolio on their website and Instagram, and chatting with them in person, video call, or phone call are the main things that are necessary to get at. Do you trust this photographer's vision, aesthetic, and work enough to invest and can you hang out with this person all day long on your big day?"

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Julia Hurwitz is a freelance writer and Marketing Manager based in New York City. Her interests include travel, global craft, healthy baking, entertaining and exploring the outdoors.