Transforming the Art Institute Into a Modern English Garden
January 23, 2018
ModernMuseumSummer Weddings
The Art Institute of Chicago with its contemporary, sleek design proved the perfect venue for a celebration inspired by a modern English garden. Planned by Estera Events, this day is awash with topiary greens and romantic garden blooms all crafted by Exquisite Designs. Take a peek at the stunning imagery by Kyle John Photography that's putting a fresh twist on your typical garden wedding.
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Alexis & Michael’s wedding design was perfectly balanced. For every modern and stark element inherent to the gorgeous Griffin Court, there was a romantic piece brought in to soften it up. The design direction was inspired by modern english gardens. Topiary greens mixed with organic foliage and floral. The floorplan of the room intentionally resembled that of an english garden as well. A mix of rounds and long rectangles, allowing guests to walk between the tables and experience the artful centerpieces and table top designs. The largest focal of the reception was the head table, which boasted a 45 foot long statement piece. Alexis & Michael were both such a treat to work with — from the design concept phase of their wedding through the actual wedding day, we had such a wonderful time working with them and seeing this beautiful project come to fruition was such a joy!