3 Genius Ways to Make Your Wedding Makeup Last All. Day. Long.
January 19, 2018
It's always good to have a touch-up bag on-hand for your wedding day—but wouldn't it be nice if you could minimize or completely skip touch-ups all together?! You know your favorite song is going to come on when you decide to make a break to the bathroom (this happened to me, twice!). Well, I wished I had tried these three genius beauty tricks, but there's still time for you my loves.

Lip Stain

Want to rock a classic red lip but fear staining your dress or your groom's cheek? A lip stain is exactly what you need. If you're finding that stains are too matte for you, simply add a clear gloss over the top for a pout that pops.

Lash Extensions

Nevermind touchups, let's talk about avoiding the dreaded mascara-run from those happy tears! Lash extensions (which last about 3-4 weeks) are the perfect alternative to mascara—even the waterproof kind. They'll last for your honeymoon, too—bonus!


Have you heard of this new beauty trend? Microblading is the process of temporarily tattooing your eyebrows. You can go with a more natural look or something a bit more dramatic if you like to fill in your brows heavily. It actually lasts anywhere from 1-3 years, so you'll be boasting beautiful brows looong after your Big Day is over.