Who Knew Views Like This Existed in New Jersey?!
January 18, 2018
Tri State
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Rural and Jersey are not typically synonymous but this classic affair is about to flip all of your preconceived notions upside down. From rolling hills and picturesque vistas to the stately backdrop of Natirar, this romantic celebration planned by DM Events, with insanely gorgeous florals by Bride & Blossom, and images by Sally Pinera is Jersey at its finest.
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From Kate and Chase... Our first date took place at McCarren Park in Brooklyn, NY. Chase, an actor, lived in Greenpoint and I, a musician, was living in Williamsburg. When I saw Chase (tall, dark and handsome) approaching me with his bicycle, red converse shoes, and a smile that could move mountains - I turned around, panicked, and started walking the other way to compose myself. Surely this man was too handsome to be anything other than a mirage. Shortly thereafter my phone rang, and it was confirmed that Chase was not, in fact, a mirage, and he was just as sweet as his smile. He swept me away, and has every day, since.

Chase laughs when re-imagining Kate spinning around and heading the other direction. When I first saw Kate, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Conversation was so natural and it felt like we were on the same wavelength during our entire first date. As we started to get to know each other I discovered how thoughtful and kind Kate really is. For awhile I thought she was too good to be true, but soon realized she was the real deal. I knew meeting Kate meant it was the end of my days as a bachelor.

We always talk about how our first date was the best date we’d ever had. Effortless and unforgettable. We lost track of time and soon enough, realized we’d spent nearly an entire day together. We’ve been together for about three years and much like our first date, time flies when you find real love. Chase proposed to Kate on the Brooklyn Bridge in September 25th, 2016 and they were married at Natirar on September 3rd, 2017. Shortly after getting engaged, Chase and Kate visited Natirar and fell in love with the location.

Although they were living in New York City, Chase grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and Kate grew up on a farm in the NJ Countryside, so a natural setting was more desirable than a city setting. The natural landscape, gorgeous countryside views from Natirar Mansion hilltop, farm to table restaurant and cooking school (90 Acres) and the rustic elegance of Natirar were all factors confirming that it was the venue of their dreams. The fall season was so popular at venues they had visited, so they took advantage of the Labor Day long-weekend and secured one of the last open dates at the Natirar Mansion.

They couldn’t wait to start planning their special day. Kate’s creativity and vision flourished along the way as every detail was imagined and brought to life. Chase contributed with incredible big picture ideas. Together, Chase and Kate, lived the day of their dreams, with their incredible team of creatives and vendors. Our wedding day itself was a dream come true. It was cloudy that morning, and just as our party began walking down the aisle, the skies actually(!!!) parted and the heavens opened, allowing the sun to shine down for our ceremony. It was surreal, miraculous, and heavenly - like our love was being blessed from up above.