7 Ways to Prepare for Wedding Dress Shopping With Blogger Bride Gabi
January 16, 2018
We did it! My favorite gals and I headed over to BHLDN last month for my very first wedding dress shopping trip. And dare I say, it was a smashing success. While I was as awkward as can be (typical), it was a really lovely morning with some of my favorite people. We worked with a gem of a stylist, who helped me in and out of some of the most beautiful gowns I’ve ever seen.

We even combined the bridal and bridesmaids appointment. Because I now live 1,000 miles away from 4 of the 5 bridesmaids in our wedding, we figured it would be ideal to shop for both my wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses at the same time. We started with the bridal appointment, then transitioned into the bridesmaid appointment. Both were a total blast, as you can see from Sweet Monday's gorgeous photos!
If you’re getting ready for your first (or second, or third….) appointment, here are 7 ways to prepare for wedding dress shopping.

Finalize your appointment guest list
Are you bringing family members? Friends? Bridesmaids? Finalize your appointment guest list a few days in advance to prepare the boutique or shop you’re visiting. If you’ve got a large group, it’s best to give them a heads up. Many boutiques have a limit of how many people you can bring with you, so be sure to look into that prior to your appointment.

Keep an open mind
My dear friend and wedding planner extraordinaire, Kelly, told me that I should be open to trying on at least one dress that I never envisioned myself in. And boy was she right. I never would have known that I loved it because I never would have tried it on! So, keep an open mind, because you never know what you may find (or fall in love with).

Jot down the elements you like and don’t like
For example, I knew I didn’t want strapless. I want to be comfortable in my wedding dress, which I know isn’t always a ‘must’ for wedding dress shopping. But, I’ve heard horror stories from friends of having to cut wedding dresses off because they were too tight…. And, no thank you. I want to be happy and comfortable, and able to eat, drink, and dance on my wedding day! So, fussing with a strapless top all day is out. I also knew that I didn’t want lace or a tight gown. I could go on and on, so let’s get to the point: plan to head in with a few of the elements you like or don’t like in mind or even written down so you don’t forget. Your stylist will ask you before you dive in what types of gowns you have your eyes on and which ones are an absolute no.

Know that you may not find “the one”
If this is your first time dress shopping, don’t feel pressured to find “the one”. If none of the wedding dresses pique your interest, that’s okay! What you can do is take photos of the wedding dresses you liked (and photos of you in said dresses) to look back on later. You may see pieces of the gown that you liked and didn’t like, which will help you prepare for your next trip.

Wear the right undergarments
To be frank, this is the less glamorous part of the appointment - actually getting into and out of the gowns. There will most likely be a stylist accompanying you in the dressing room, so I’d suggest wearing undergarments that you’re comfortable with a team member seeing you in. And - a strapless bra may be best!

Have fun with it
Something I was unprepared for was not having a mirror in the dressing room, which meant that I had to venture out into the space where my family and friends were awaiting each dress unveiling. It was intimidating and slightly unnerving, because I didn’t know how I looked in each gown until after I saw their reactions. However, all I could do was be a little silly and have fun with it. If you’re feeling anxious, shake it out and just have fun with it.

When in doubt, brunch
Plan for a little treat after dress shopping to keep the celebrations going. After we went dress shopping, we all went out for a tasty brunch nearby. We kept it simple - and gasp, didn’t even make reservations - which was exactly what we needed. It was a low-key meal that we enjoyed together, and of course, spent chatting about all things wedding.
Are you a fellow bride-to-be? How did your first wedding dress shopping trip go? I’d love to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly!
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