5 Bridesmaids Dress Colors You Need to Consider for Your 2018 Wedding
January 16, 2018
It's a gooood time to be a bridesmaid, my friends. Gone are the days of over-ruffled, crinkle satin, poofy numbers and IN are elegant, sweeping styles that you'll be thrilled to keep in your closet long after the I dos are over. And the hue options? There's sooo much pretty to pick from. Here are five shades we're keeping our eyes on for 2018.


Jewel tones are sneaking their way back into the scene and we're loving it. An elegant teal is a beautiful alternative to traditional navy blue!

Pairings: This hue pairs beautifully with coral, blush and peach.

Dusty Mauve

Love the look of blush but going for something a little less 'sweet'? Try an elegant dusty mauve. This hue transcends seasons and looks gorgeous on a variety of skin tones.

Pairings: This hue is lovely mis-matched with blush, ivory and even grays.

Dusty Blue

Any hue muted just feels that much more elegant and allows you to play around a bit more with color in your florals and decor. So is true for dusty blue!

Pairings: Red, coral, peach and cream. The pretty proof is above!


Neutrals are always in, but this year we're predicting bridesmaids will be donning nudes over blushes. The perfect way to give your wedding a light, airy vibe.

Pairings: Mauve, sweet pink, peach, teal and navy come to mind—really, nudes are just so versatile!

Midnight Blue

Alllmost black but not quite, a midnight blue has the classic feel of a black without going all the way there.

Pairings: Creams, yellows, pinks, you name it. Think of hues that will pop against this beautiful deep hue!