A Stunning Al Fresco Wedding Planned in Four Months - See It To Believe It!
January 10, 2018
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With a four month engagement, you might need to lower your expectations in regards to design and decor. There just simply isn't enough time to go big and bold and beautiful, right? WRONG. Heavenly Day Events took this Bride-to-be's four month engagement and ran with it... and delivered tenfold. From the florals to the reception details, this al fresco Texas wedding defies those expectations and then some. Sarah Kate captured it all, creating a gallery 100% worth diving into - start right here then check out the video by Ladybird Studios!
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From the Bride... When Erik proposed, we knew we didn’t want to wait long to get married and it was the BEST decision we made. I tend to be very Type A, which I think helped us doing it so quickly. Not only did I want to hurry and get things checked off our wedding planning list, but since it was a four month engagement, I didn’t have time to re-think everything and keep trying to do things differently.

Everything worked out just the way it was supposed to. Our dream team came together beautifully. Hailey, at Heavenly Day Events, recommended Rosemary Catering and I cannot begin to tell you how delicious the food was and how easy it was working with them! Numerous guests told me that it was the best wedding food they have ever had. Hailey and Rosemary’s took over all the details since I was an out of town bride. My whole wedding was planned with one trip to Austin and came together better than I could have imagined. I believe this all was possible because of Heavenly Day Events… they have a great working relationship with the vendors so it made it pretty painless to pull everything together (thanks Hailey!!!).

We wanted our wedding to be a laid back, fun experience for our guests. When we saw Laguna Gloria, we knew this would be the perfect setting as it gives you the ability to take your guests on an adventure. We were able to have our ceremony in an area with the most beautiful backdrop, send our guests on a short walk to a beautiful area under a gazebo for cocktail hour, then on another short walk to the reception - this allowed them to look at everything Laguna Gloria has on their grounds so they can enjoy where they are currently, without the desire to see what else is on the property.

My biggest planning tip to future brides is to pick where you want to spend your money and go with that - for us, we chose to spend it on FUN and to let our guests know how much we appreciated them traveling to celebrate Erik and I. I didn’t spend a fortune on my dress, as I knew that I would only wear that once and I was able to find my dream dress with my dream price tag. We put that money towards Sarah Kate (world’s BEST photographer in my humble opinion), a great venue, great food and drinks, and great music... things we will always remember. Our whole goal was to make the wedding an amazing experience for our guests, which is why it was easy to listen to Hailey. I knew I had the perfect team and they were in my corner.