4 Ways to Avoid the Post-Honeymoon Blues

You just got home from your honeymoon and you’re ready to settle in.

But after the planning is done, the celebrations are over, and everything from your wedding season is wrapped up, you’re feeling a little drained and lonely. That’s natural. Here are a few simple ways to overcome the post-honeymoon blues.

 Block out “me time”

Transitioning from an unmarried household to a married one has its challenges. There’s no rush when it comes to adjusting to your new life together. Take it easy. Remember, you two are still two different people. Though you’ll always be there for each other, you don’t always need to do everything side-by-side. Take time for yourself in whatever way you need. Bubble baths, exercise, personal projects, whatever it might be. Use that time to clear your head and rejuvenate your body. Your mind and body will thank you later.


Reach out to your bridesmaids

Ride your friendship high long after the reception! Just because the wedding celebrations are over doesn’t mean you don’t need your friends by your side. In fact, now’s the time to keep them closer than ever. They’ll be your support system for life beyond your partner. Keep in touch with lots of one-on-one with phone calls, friend dates, and video calls. Your friendships can keep you grounded while you nestle into your newlywed life.

Display and relive your memories

Don’t let the life of the party die with the party. Take time to go through your photos and videos from the wedding, reception, and honeymoon. Hang up and rewatch your favorites so those moments can live on. They’ll reignite the same joy you felt when they were taken. Show off the photos you love the most. Seeing them throughout your home or office can help keep those happy memories alive.

Plan your next couple’s trip

Sometimes the honeymoon can hold a lot of pressure. If things don’t go as expected (and even if they do), your first trip as a married couple can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Your love, your future, and your compatibility aren’t wrapped up in the honeymoon. If you want to keep creating intimate memories, sit down together and plan another trip. Anything from a weekend road trip to an overseas excursion can get you focused on the future and thinking about your next season of adventure together.

However you celebrate your honeymoon, find time to unwind when you arrive home. Take time for yourself and stay in touch with your besties. Most of all, find a way to celebrate the amazing wedding season you just went through because before you know it, you’ll whisk each other away on more amazing adventures.

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Katy Palmer is a casting producer and creative consultant in Denver by way of Los Angeles. When she isn’t working you can find her indulging in the latest indie films, enjoying the Denver comedy scene and supporting other women in media. Connect with her on Instagram @bykatypalmer.