Festively Romantic Winter Wedding With Stunning Red and Green Florals
December 22, 2017
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This Austin bride and groom show you can have a red and green December wedding without looking too Christmas-y. Let's start with that bouquet! The deep red trailing bouquet expertly features varying shades of red, green and white without feeling like a holiday centerpiece. Boxwood wreaths, magnolia leaves and touches of gold and candlelight round out the romantic experience.

Planned by Highland Avenue and photographed by Sophie Epton, this is the perfect wedding to kick off your holiday weekend.

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Highland Avenue Events:

Margaret & Cole are one of those couples that truly exude beauty both inside and out. The way they love each other and all of those dear to them is exceptional.

I knew this wedding was something special the first time I met the bride and she began telling me about her priorities for the day. She started with their dog, a great dane named Roman. She talked about his rides in the groom's backpack as a puppy and sleeping curled up in their bed (despite taking up most of it) over the last seven years. She spoke of their worry that he wouldn't make it until the wedding day due to his old age. He was seven years old, after all, and his anticipated lifespan was only 6 years. Thankfully he made it and what a gorgeous sight he was!

Next, she talked of visiting her grandparents in the summer and helping her grandfather plant two magnolia trees side by side in the yard. Every summer she would help water the trees and eventually climb them as they grew larger. When she and Cole met, she was surprised to learn that his family, too, had a strong connection with Magnolia leaves. His mother, an artist, often incorporated them into her work. It seemed only fitting when they decided to purchase their home together that it serendipitously had a magnolia tree in the front yard.

She continued on with stories of picking strawberries with her sister as a kid and wanting to honor her sister by serving her delicious strawberry jam as a gift for the guests at the wedding. What struck me about this wedding, and this couple, was the nod to all those around them who make their lives full and complete, and their desire to honor the memories that have shaped them into a couple.

Needless to say, when they asked Highland Avenue to design their December wedding, incorporating these elements became a priority, as was a focus on family. They dreamt of a romantic day that embraced the season in a warm and celebratory way. We incorporated the family's history of magnolia leaves throughout and provided warmth with deep velvets, touches of black, beautiful golden patterns and lots of candlelight. The bride's bouquet, beautifully created by Gypsy Floral, was full of dreamy texture and vibrant colors.

The bride's sister owns a canning company and she gifted the couple the delicious jam favors that served as the guests' escort cards. Their Great Dane, Roman, stole the show as he pranced down the aisle and mingled with guests. It was truly a memorable day full of family, warmth, and love!