What's Your Favorite Detail in this Shoot? (We Love the Black Dress!)
December 20, 2017
Whether you're on the hunt for inspiration in any of these styles: glam, elegant, modern, classic—this slice of pretty from Mayhar Design has it ALL. A little something for every lover. It's moody yet soft, stunning yet sweet and I want to see one of you rock this look for your 2018 fete (and promptly share the imagery for our viewing pleasure!). More right this way captured by Kayla Barker.
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From Melanie of Mayhar Design...When Michelle of Sprout Floral and I set out to design a photo shoot at San Antonio's stunning Hotel Emma, we knew immediately that Emma itself would dictate most of the decisions. To visit Hotel Emma, is to walk into an experience that has been exquisitely and expertly curated to embrace each guest with warmth, beauty, rich San Antonio history and the most unbelievable attention to even the tiniest details. From the peach and ivory toned brick work to the textural walls and ceilings and the bold ironwork, every single accent has been thoughtfully designed, selected and presented. As we began to make selections, we wanted to present details that would honor the strongest industrial and modern elements of Emma, while also showcasing some really feminine and romantic aspects of her design. Each space throughout the hotel is filled with layer upon layer of texture and interest, and we hope that we were able to capture some of her charm and provide a design that truly embraced the spaces we were in!