The Care and Keeping of a Sparkling Engagement Ring

Now that you’ve got a stunning engagement ring on your finger, you want to make sure it stays in tip-top shape. Caring for your engagement ring is essential: it helps it sparkle longer, shine brighter, and look even more stunning. It’s also a pricey investment, and just like any other expensive items, it needs to be cared for.

Here are some important things to remember when caring for your brand new engagement ring:

Keep your diamond clean.

By dipping a soft brush in warm water and mild detergent, you can make sure it stays dust and dirt free. Rinse your ring thoroughly and simply dab it gently with a cloth to dry. Obviously, make sure to stay away from drains when cleaning!

Ring comes last!

Jerry Ehrenwald, the president and CEO of the International Gemological Institute, suggests getting mostly ready to go out before putting your ring on: “To avoid harming your diamond and/or dulling its luster, apply any hairspray, perfume or lotion before putting on jewelry. Once you’re ready to head out the door, gems should be the last thing you put on – the perfect finishing touch!”

Worried about scratches?

Ehrenwald suggests storing your ring in its own fabric-lined box. “This also provides an ideal place to keep a small soft cloth with which to wipe the diamond to remove oils at the end of each day,” he said.

Get professional help.

To keep your sparkler in prime condition, go to the professionals to have it checked for things like worn mountings or loose prongs at least once a year. They can also clean it for you.

Purchase ring insurance.

“People often think an engagement ring or other fine jewelry is automatically insured under a homeowners policy; however, many policies only provide limited coverage, which could leave you footing the bill if you need to replace an item,”  Ehrenwald said. He suggested brides-to-be and their fiancés consider purchasing a tailored insurance policy.


Style Me Pretty Contributor – Claire Swinarski is a writer and podcaster based in Wisconsin. When she isn’t writing, she can be found obsessing over football, eating a burrito bowl, or hanging out with her husband and son.