13 Wedding Pros Share Their Royal Wedding Wishlist
December 13, 2017
When friends and family get engaged, guessing what their wedding will look like is a fun way to pass the time until the big day. That sentiment can extend to public figures, so it's no surprise that people are delighting in the news of a royal wedding. With an American set to wed into the Royal Family, there's a new level of excitement and questions on how the Harry and Meghan will blend their worlds.
Don't expect to see them write their own vows, a commonality in American weddings. According to Babbel, the Church of England requires the ceremony to be conducted using a traditional set of vows. We'll have the answers a few months from now, but in the meantime, we asked some wedding experts to provide their wishlist of what they hope to see. Read through for inspiration on your own nuptials.

"I would love to see a nod to Africa in the wedding. Through the years, Africa has been very important to both William and Harry, and the royal family. Maybe a small colorful hand-crafted card at the table setting announcing their support for Sentebale, a Botswana charity, founded by Prince Harry. Or perhaps using the colors of the Sentebale logo. Another option is to incorporate colors of the Botswana flag somehow (in the decor, or on the cake). The juxtaposition of the royal décor, blended with a pop of color and patterns from Africa could set new trends in festive décor and entertaining." Cheryl Gentry, Glow Global Events

"My vision for the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle is a mix between old Hollywood glamour and the classic regality of the British. Though it would be a daring choice, I can imagine Meghan in a flowy, flirty gown by Elie Saab that would show off her radiant smile. Prince Harry is a rebel and Meghan just exudes class. For them, a 007 inspired, art deco theme would show off their personalities and maintain a high standard of elegance. We've never had insight into the decor of a royal wedding." Abena Patton, Abenafit Weddings & Events
"I'd love a bright, colorful bouquet. Since 1840, every single bouquet has included a sprig of myrtle from Queen Victoria's garden. Because of that, bouquets have been primarily white for ages. Of course, we'll see the sprig of myrtle, but I'd love it paired with colorful blooms." Kylie Carlson, UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planning

"I want Meghan to opt for an ivory wedding dress because it complements her skin tone (as evident by the coat she wore during the engagement shoot!) and is a great option for a second-time bride. It allows her to bring in more traditional white tones while also remaining mindful of etiquette. Additionally, given this is her second wedding, it would be a conservative choice appreciated by certain naysayers. We have seen the blueprint for this, when Harry's father, Prince Charles married Camilla. Camilla didn't wear white and it went over well and looked great on her." Jennifer Taylor, Taylor'd Events
"I would love to see them put a modern twist on the wedding and really allow their personalities to shine through. Their relationship and this engagement are a first for the Royal family with Prince Harry marrying a biracial American, and it would be a disservice if they overlooked Meghan's heritage. With that in mind, I'd like to see a wedding day menu featuring Meghan's favorites from the States, as well as global playlist for guests to dance to." Kevin Dennis, Owner, Fantasy Sound Event Services

"At the reception, I want a Cirque du Soleil act showcasing their love story from the moment they met until the proposal. My dream dress designer would be Ellie Saab, who has a unique, one-of-a-kind style that would complement Meghan well. He's not afraid to mix fabrics so I want a classic look with long sleeves that incorporates texture: be it imported lace, velvet or sequins." Nahid Farhoud, Nahid's Global Events

"Being based in New Orleans, I simply can't help it -- let's skip the traditional open-air carriage processional following the ceremony and instead, incorporate a second line. Harry has always been the most fun member of the royal wedding -- what a way to cement this reputation for the ages!" Emily Sullivan, Emily Sullivan Events

"I imagine, due to tradition and royal wedding protocol, there are many limitations on what Meghan can wear. But why can't she vary things with a dramatic heel? Bright colors, fun details, lots of bling. Even if it only peeks out from the bottom of the gown, wouldn't that be a great, modern twist?" Kim Sayatovic, Belladeux Event Design
"Fruitcake is the traditional wedding cake selection in the UK (and has been for years!), but it's time to retire it. I want Prince Harry and Meghan to do a major pivot and select a sweet treat that can be equal parts dramatic and delicious, such as a croquembouche." Heather Jones, Wente Vineyards

"I'd love more than anything to see Meghan walked down the aisle by both parents. It's something I'm seeing more and more of and think it would be a modern update that won't ruffle feathers. Also, all royal weddings feature [the bride wearing] a stunning tiara from the family collection. My vote for Meghan would be for the Burmese Ruby Tiara, which has 96 rubies set in gold paired with diamonds in silver. It would be a sharp contrast from other selections over the years. It's time to bring in color!" Amy Kolodziej, Sunshower Photograph

"Since Harry is marrying someone from America, my biggest wish is that they incorporate some American traditions. For example, I would love to see them seal their marriage with a kiss at the end of their ceremony, versus on the balcony as is with tradition. It comes as no surprise that British designers are typically commissioned for the wedding gown but given Meghan's American heritage, I would love to see a US designer brought on board, such as Vera Wang." Becky Baker, Becky's Brides

"I would love to see Meghan do two looks for her wedding day. One for ceremony to be a very proper, British inspired gown. For the reception, a true Boho California girl look." Ashley Stork, Magnolia Vine Events

"The photographs that typically come out of royal weddings are pretty predictable- standard, fairly stiff portraits of extended family. Prince Harry and Meghan are, in part, helping to usher in a modern era and their photography should reflect that. I would love for them to release at least a handful of candid moments from the reception to help showcase the royal family in a new light. I want to see the happy couple enjoying their first dance, and of Prince Harry listening in on Prince William's inevitable toast." Keith Phillips, Classic Photographers

Style Me Pretty Contributor -Ximena N. Larkin is a writer and publicist. She lives in Chicago with her husband and dog.