Say "I Do" Encircled By Blooms - AKA The Most Romantic Ceremony Scene Ever
December 11, 2017
I'll be thinking about this beautiful ceremony idea for days; a circle of blooms symbolizing unity and eternity for the duo to say "I do" within. But details packed with deeper meaning doesn't stop there. From the magical location to the poetry behind it all, Ideias de Veludo created an elopement inspiration that's much more than meets the eye. Momento Cativo captured it all on camera and 24 Frames Cinematography even got in on the action live, and we're pretty pumped to be starting our week in such a wondrous way - enjoy!
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From Ideias de Veludo... This elopement session brings a little bit of the Portuguese history to life.

The venue was suggested by Vanessa from Momento Cativo when I was also looking for a unique place. I felt like this was a magical spot, like a secret well kept, so it was love at first sight. Obras do Fidalgo is an unfinished façade from the 18th century. Its baroque architecture is beyond beautiful.

The place inspired the rest of the planning. The idea was to transport the beauty and simplicity of the Portuguese history into this elopement wedding.

I could talk about the simple and flowy dress, the color palette, the romantic bouquet, the exquisite cake or the perfect accessories... because all of those elements were particularly chosen for a reason. But when I plan a session, I create a story in my mind, and I truly believe in that story.

So I really want to refer something more deeper and meaningful, that links all the elements, as it links all of us. The vows of this elopement wedding are two poems from two of the most important Portuguese poets: Fernando Pessoa and Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.
These poems are about love between two people... They describe love in the most deepest and raw ways possible.

The couple of the session just need each other to celebrate their feelings. So they decide to celebrate their love together in this magical place surrounded by Portuguese history and nature. The place is as raw as the love they feel for each other.

Also, the flower circle on the floor during the ceremony symbolizes unity, wholeness, timelessness, eternity. It means they are complete, they are one. That´s what they believe in and that´s the only thing that matters.

"Love that finally breaks the raw bonds of Being
Such a simple love that increases in happiness
A love so loyal that increases in suffering"
Fernando Pessoa

"To cross the desert of the world with you
To face together the terror of death
To see the truth to lose the fear
Beside your steps I walked"
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen