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7 Tips For Having Your Best Friend Officiate Your Wedding
December 8, 2017
Choosing an officiant for your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the entire celebration. If you're considering asking a close friend to do the honors, I have a few helpful tips.

This past year, I've been lucky enough to perform a handful of weddings for close friends. The celebrations were magical, the guests were gracious, and I've learned a lot about officiating a wedding. Here are seven simple tips for anyone thinking of having a friend officiate.
1. Choose someone that knows both of you
This may be obvious, but it is the most important. The better your officiant knows you both, the more personal and meaningful the ceremony. Anybody can recite texts and legally wed you. The point of choosing a close friend is to give them the freedom to share personal stories and unique experiences. You're giving them the best seat in the house. Make sure they're going to cherish the opportunity equally.

2. Have a contingency plan
Rainy days happen. Make sure you have a backup plan for a venue and audio equipment. The rehearsal may run smoothly as planned, but you don't want to leave your best friend scrambling for a mic, shivering in the snow, or put in an awkward position. Since they're going to be the first to walk down the aisle and the last to leave, make sure you communicate about weather expectations, venue changes, and backup plans.
3. Share your vendor contacts
Giving your officiant access to your vendors makes it that much easier to relax on the big day. Instead of coming to you or your fiance with questions, they can contact anyone they need regarding logistics.

4. Include them in your wedding day prep activities
Asking your friend to officiate means it's that much more fun to get ready together. Include him or her in your scheduled activities to make sure they feel like they're part of the party.
5. Let them run the rehearsal
You surely have everything planned out in your mind for how you'd like the ceremony to go. Letting your best friend run through a play-by-play during the rehearsal ensures every kink is worked out beforehand while bringing them closer to your wedding party.

6. Schedule time for a last minute mic check
Again, it's all about smoothing out the kinks. Be sure to pencil in time for your best friend to get settled before the ceremony, especially if they're not used to being in front of a crowd. Not only does it give you time to breathe, they'll thank you afterward for thinking of their needs.
7. Tell your photographer about your relationship
Your photographer and videographer are the eyes and ears recording your special day. If your officiant is your best friend, family friend, or a close loved one, it's important for your photographer to know. They can include your officiant in more shots, capture more personal moments, and make sure your officiant can celebrate the day without being forgotten.

Whatever type of wedding you're planning, be sure to hold them close and include them in the quieter moments. After all, they're your best friend. They're going to rock it no matter what.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Katy Palmer is a casting producer and creative consultant in Denver by way of Los Angeles. When she isn't working you can find her indulging in the latest indie films, enjoying the Denver comedy scene and supporting other women in media. Connect with her on Instagram @bykatypalmer.