How To Keep Your Wedding Party Going All Night
December 7, 2017
Nixing tradition has been a big bridal trend as of late, but quite possibly the biggest tradition we're seeing left to the wayside is the schedule. Instead of seated dinners and timed speeches, brides and grooms are opting for something a bit more celebratory.
As couples look for new ways to celebrate their nuptials, we chat with Rebecca Steele of Andy Kushner Entertainment Design for some tips on how to keep the party going all night long.
"For me, it's all about creating an experience for your guests," says Steele. "Choosing an entertainment team that listens and understands not only that you want a full-on party, but how to keep the guests involved on the dance floor, all the while maintaining the flow of the entire evening, is key!"

She also suggests talking with your entertainment team about what you're looking for at the beginning stages of planning. "Since "party-style" means something different to everyone, I always begin with an extensive in-depth conversation with you (and your planner!) to fully understand the details of your wedding in order to craft a personalized experience," she says.
The easiest way to get your guests off the dance floor is by serving a sit-down meal. When you serve a meal, it has to be included in the schedule, and all your guests are instructed to eat at the exact same time. For many of those guests, once they sit down to eat, they may not get back up! Prevent this from happening by opting for buffet-style stations instead. This allows guests to eat on their own time, and keeps the food from getting cold for those who refuse to take off their dancing shoes.

You're already getting rid of the biggest tradition (the schedule!), so why not take a few more off the list? "The bouquet toss and garter toss are two that tend to take the most time and be the least sentimental of the wedding traditions," says Steele. "By omitting either or both of these, you can dedicate more time to your party." Steele adds, "the cake cutting is another tradition that might simply be left out, or have a private cake cutting to allow the party to continue uninterrupted and still get great photos—don't forget to tell the family so no one important misses it!"
"A few elements that we see included to help in designing the "party-style" include tipping off your friends, family, and wedding party ahead of time to get on the dance floor right away," says Steele. "Once everyone is dancing, keep people on the dance floor and standing when you introduce the wedding party and then invite them back halfway through, or after, the first dance, and continue the dancing for another ten or fifteen minutes to set the party tone for the evening. Include dancing between courses and minimize down time—we want to dance, dance, dance!"

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