These Brides Rented Their Bridesmaid Dresses – See How It Turned Out

Let’s be honest – besties are awesome, but finding that perfect dress that makes them all happy isn’t always stress-free. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard brides say they’d like a way to streamline the entire process – making it more comfortable, convenient and less expensive. There is, you guys. And these brides know exactly how it turns out.

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I think we can all agree that renting your bridesmaid dresses is one of those genius ideas that makes your wedding planning life sooo much easier. And if you find the right company to work with, you’ll be wishing it could alllll be as simple. Vow To Be Chic is the only place to rent designer bridesmaid dresses, and they have the entire process down to a science, aka, four easy steps. Just browse their thousands of gorgeous dresses, curate your very own Bridal Suite, invite your bridal party to take a look + order and then track the progress, right down to the delivery. You can even book a consultation with a stylist to help you narrow down the right look for your girls. Take it from bride, Kimmie: “I’m biased, but everyone looked stunning. Every dress was so flattering and beautiful!” 

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Want to make things easier for you and your girls, but don’t want to miss out on that try-on experience? I get it… I love a fun day with my besties and bubbly, too. But just because you are ordering online doesn’t mean you can’t still have it all. Vow To Be Chic offers at-home try-ons, and they’ll ship the dresses to you for your very own bridal shop experience, yoga pants and Real Housewives included. But they also know that it isn’t always possible for everyone to host a try-on, with girls scattered all over the country and time zones. That’s why they ship two sizes out two weeks before the Big Day, so you can be sure it’s perfect well in advance – and will send out a replacement size if you run into issues. And, honestly, don’t worry – when I received my Vow To Be Chic gown, it couldn’t have fit better, not to mention it was the perfect length for my 6′ frame. Yes, tall and short girls everywhere rejoice – Vow To Be Chic has you covered in every way.

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Ready to save time, money and, you know, your sanity? Gather your girls and let them know you’ll be renting your dresses from Vow To Be Chic. With prices starting at just $69, you can save your besties around $200, plus they get to skip all of the alterations with two custom hem lengths and sizes ranging from 1-18. Take it from me and these beautiful brides – it’s a no-brainer.

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