5 Must-Remember Wedding Invitation Tips

Your invites are the first impression of your wedding and the first thing people will see in regards to your nuptials. Picking out your design is the fun part, but there are few not-so-fun things that you can’t forget before sending out your invites.


Your invites let your guests know all the details of your big day, but they also serve as your guide to the number of guests you are having. Plus, if you are planning a sit down meal, the invites will let you know what each guest is ordering for dinner—so don’t forget to add the RSVP information to your invites! A simple, separate RSVP card is the most popular way to go, but you can also lead guests to your website to RSVP to save on paper. If you do go the traditional route, though, just be sure you include a pre-stamped envelope as well.


This one is so important! Go into the post office and weigh your envelope before adding any stamps. Different shapes and sizes will affect how many stamps you will need and if you don’t put the right amount of postage, the invites will be sent back to you with a ton of markings all over them, causing you to re-do the whole bunch.


Ever get a birthday card in the mail that is beautiful on the outside yet ruined by a ton of black stamps all over it? Prevent that from happening to your wedding invites by bringing them into the post office and asking them to hand cancel them for you. This is a free service that the post office will do for you—just ask nicely, especially if your guest count reaches into the 100’s!


Let’s face it: mail gets lost and the chances of one of your hundreds of invites getting misplaced in the mail is unfortunately quite high. Because of this, always keep extra invites on hand. Should a family member not receive theirs, or a friend moves without informing you, you will have extras ready to be sent as soon as they let you know.


The last thing you want is to have 200 printed invites in that gorgeous gold foil only to find that they misspelled your mother’s name. Be sure to proofread the proof of the invite as many times as you can. It is also a good idea to send copies to your mother or maid of honor for review, too.

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Jessica Tzikas is a freelance writer, editor, and content manager from South Florida, who recently moved back to the sunshine state after living in Philadelphia for the past few years. When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading by the beach, practicing yoga, and exploring nearby towns with her new husband.