10 First Anniversary Gifts for Him and For Her
December 3, 2017
A one-year wedding anniversary is a special time when you can relive the big day. Get your spouse a gift that will bring fun, relaxation, and a dash of memories as you look back on the vows you made to each other. Here are 10 one year wedding anniversary ideas!

For Her:
Spa Day
This is the perfect gift for a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Go together and get a relaxing couples massage, or let her go to enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet before an evening out on the town together. This is a great way to show your appreciation and give her a chance to happily reflect on the first year you've spent as a married couple.
Down Comforter
Is there anything more magical than making your bed the coziest place on earth?! It's the place where you spend about half your time so you'll want to make it as comfortable as possible. Spruce it up with a new down comforter. You may find yourself spending extra time in bed... but what's wrong with that?

There are so many companies that have gorgeous custom made photo albums. You can choose everything down to the gold foil on the cover. Order one with photos of your first year as a married couple, or if you're a mega procrastinator like me, pick out 50 of your favorite wedding photos and buy it as a wedding photo album.

Weekend Getaway
A trip up north or along the coast may be the perfect little getaway you need to relax and celebrate your first year as a married couple. Spend two nights somewhere where you can go wine tasting or antiquing. Enjoy a quiet day together and then spend the evening out to enjoy a fun dinner together. It will give you time to reconnect and reminisce about your wedding day.
A Puppy!
Okay, hear me out! I understand that not everyone has a lifestyle that would allow them to get a dog. Totally understandable. But if you're trying to get rid of baby fever, or find yourself wanting a dog to play with and take care of together, a puppy could be so fun. If you are in a lifestyle where it makes sense, surprise her with a puppy and a bow on your anniversary or go together to adopt one!

For Him:
Rayban Sunglasses
I have yet to find a guy who would turn down a nice pair of sunglasses. It's one of those things that they may not buy for themselves, but would LOVE to get as a gift. In my experience, Rayban sunglasses are of great quality and last through camping, beach trips, everyday life, and misplacing them in your car. Treat your guy after one year of marriage.
Concert Tickets
Concerts are such a blast. Turn it into a fun date night and go see the band that you danced to at your wedding. It will be a perfect way to reminisce about your wedding day and first dance as a married couple. Spend the night out on the town. Check out a new restaurant, maybe stay at a hotel, and enjoy the concert together.

Google Home
The first year of marriage can typically involve a lot of saving, and learning to budget as a new married couple. Perhaps you completely decorated your place when you got married or maybe you've slowly been doing it throughout the year. A Google Home is a great gift that can tie any home together and make it your own. If you're guy has a techy side, this is the perfect gift for him... and your place.
Craft Beer Tasting
While similar to a wine tasting, but yet totally unique and different, a beer tasting can be a blast. Go to a local brewery and try a flight of their top beers. Or find a brewery that does tours of the facility and tastings on site. Even if you're not a beer drinker but just he is, there are tons of flavors and options that appeal to everyone's pallet.

Boudoir Photo Album
I've seen this trend done many times when brides give this to their grooms on the wedding day. This is also a cute idea for your one year wedding anniversary. The nice thing about this is you can make it your own. If you want to be in a sexy black dress, or if you want to throw caution to the wind and go completely undressed – you can customize the style of the shoot however you want. This is a sexy gift that adds another wave of zest after the first year.

Your one year wedding anniversary is such a special time to relive your wedding day. No matter what you do, make sure you take time to relax and reflect on the most magical day of your life.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Kylie Thompson is a freelance writer, blogger and marketing professional from Grand Rapids Michigan, where she resides with her husband and golden retriever. When she isn't working, you will find her exploring Grand Rapids' newest culinary establishments with her husband, or traveling up and down Lake Michigan's coast.