The Sweetest San Fran Engagement Shoot Yet
December 1, 2017
Beautiful blooms? Check. Gorgeous gown? Check, check. Stunning venue? Yup, all set. Cute couple? The most adorable ever. We've basically got the perfect engagement package right here, thanks to Kati Rosado and this darling duo. Captured at both San Fran's City Hall and the lush Conservatory of Flowers, it's an e-shoot that's full of feel good vibes and this gallery of goodness is the pretty place to be today. Enjoy!
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From the Bride-to-be… Will and I have spent the majority of our relationship in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a place that holds a lot of special memories for us and where we grew significantly as individuals and as a couple. So when it came to picking locations for our engagement shoot, we wanted settings that were quintessential San Francisco but with soft and romantic elements for the occasion. We love the elegance and amazing architecture at City Hall. And we wanted a blend of outdoor and lushness from the Conservatory of Flowers.

I was originally born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to the states when my mom decided to pursue her Masters and Ph.D; I was 10. As a result of her studies and career, we moved around the country quite a bit. One of the friends I made was during the one year I lived in Missouri. This friend later moved to Seattle for work and where my family eventually settled. While in Seattle, she met Will at a party. I then met Will through her at a burger joint. I originally didn’t pay much attention to Will since he’s naturally a quiet guy. He is what I call, ‘a slow boil’; it takes time to get to know him but it totally pays off when he lets you in. We didn’t go on our first date until almost a year and half after we first met.

When Will and I started dating, he was in the process of leaving Seattle. He planned to backpack in SE Asia for several month and move to the Bay Area afterwards. Despite knowing he was leaving, we were inseparable once we started to spend time together and fell in love. When he moved away from Seattle and started his trip, we decided it would be best to go our separate ways. I was later surprised to find that while traveling abroad, Will always found ways to keep in touch with me. I would hear from him even when he is passing through a small town in the middle of nowhere, just because he was able to find a wifi signal strong enough to make a phone call. Will and I eventually made plans to met up in Taipei for NYE and got back together after spending a week with each other. I, myself, have always wanted to move to the Bay Area. We then moved to the San Francisco Bay Area a year after he came back from his trip. We’ve gown so much since we’ve first got together six years ago. I feel so lucky to have someone who is as patient and loving as him and who’s always trying to get to know me better. He is my best friend and I can’t wait to marry him!