No Matter Your Style, You Want a Platinum Ring. Here's Why.
November 28, 2017
It goes without saying: shopping for engagement rings is awesome. But if you find yourself focusing on just the gemstone and style, take note, you guys: your choice of metal is equally as important. Because when it comes to keeping your sparkler safe - platinum can truly make all of the difference.
Ring shopping is one of those life-changing experiences that you dream about on the daily - so we know it's easy to get carried away with all of the glitz and glamour of finding the perfect diamond or gemstone. (We've been there, done that.) But once you and yours land on a fave, take some time to focus on the metal (learn more about that here), so you can keep your diamond safe. Ask any jeweler and they'll tell you  - even though they might be the smallest component of your engagement ring, platinum prongs are where it's at. Why? Because platinum is stronger and denser than gold and has absolutely no "memory" - so when your prongs are placed, you can be sure they won't move an inch. Gold can actually settle back into its original place when its being shaped, weakening it and making it more apt to break later. Platinum actually hardens as its being shaped, making it stronger. Crazy, right?!?
So we know it's all about the sparkle, and if you want your diamond to basically shine the minute you hit the light, you'll need those prongs to help you out. Honestly, your ring can take a daily beating, so making sure they're secure when they fall off the counter or snag on that new sweater is so important. Not to mention that the "true white" of platinum prongs will make your sparkler shine even more. And you can't argue with that.
For tips on settings, gorgeous galleries and more, check out Platinum Guild International. They'll definitely be the guide you need when choosing your perfect engagement ring... and your source for all things on the metal you NEED to get to know.