Three Reasons Why You Should Go Platinum For Your Engagement Ring
November 17, 2017
We all know that choosing an engagement ring is a huge milestone. I mean, you'll have this beauty for a lifetime. So when you and yours head out to select the one, don't forget to consider the most important piece of the puzzle: the metal. We know the options are endless, but here's three reasons why we think platinum is the way to go.
Wedding Photography: KT Merry


Anyone who's worn an engagement ring for longer than ten minutes can tell you: they take a daily beating. Whether that's knocking it against your dining room table (guilty) or dropping it against your tile floor when you try to put it on in the morning (also guilty), these beauties go through the ringer. That's why it's sooo important that you choose a metal that can withstand all of the stress of your daily routine. Platinum is stronger and denser than gold, so you don't ever have to worry about denting your fave piece of jewelry. Plus, with a higher concentration of platinum in its alloys, the prongs on a platinum ring will hold on to that diamond and never let go. Seriously - unlike white gold, platinum has no "memory," so wherever those prongs are placed, they won't move an inch.
Wedding Photography: Jose Villa


So you know that white t-shirt you absolutely loved that now looks a little yellow-ish after about 10 washes? That's what happens to your engagement rings if you are sporting anything other than platinum - they fade. So if you want to avoid that yearly trip to the jeweler to have your ring re-coated, platinum is def the answer. I mean, we all want a ring that looks just as new as the day we first put it on, and choosing a platinum ring means you never have to worry about discoloration. And bonus? The bright white color of platinum is actually whiter than white gold, so you're diamond will look even sparklier and shinier against its background.
Wedding Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography


Guys, no one wants a cookie-cutter engagement ring - and choosing platinum definitely guarantees that yours will be unique. That's because platinum is 30 times more rare than gold and has a rich history that made it the go-to metal of the 19th and 20th centuries. I mean, platinum is the rarest metal on earth and can be found in meteorites (!), plus just a few other locales throughout the world. That's why so many jewelers use platinum in their designs (think Tiffany and Cartier) and many of the world's Crown Jewels have also been created using this amazing metal. In other words? Platinum is awesome.

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