The Ultimate Guide to Addressing Your Wedding Invitations
November 7, 2017
You may or may not have noticed we love all things paper around here, but when it comes to the invitation logistics? Well, that can be tricky territory. Learning the right way to address an invitation is one of our top FAQs, so we pulled together this quick how-to and video tutorial to make sure your invites make the perfect (and prettiest!) first impression.

If a couple is married, they should be addressed by his first name and their last name. However, if the couple is unmarried, you should include the first and last name of both guests. NOTE: This is the more traditional approach to addressing invitations but modern brides are now opting to include both names of the married couple. We encourage you to use whatever combination of names you'd like.

Be sure to always spell out words like "and", "street", and "avenue" fully. This makes an invitation feel more formal and thoughtful! In addition, you should spell out the entire state name on each envelope.

Address the inner envelope containing more details about the wedding with the first and last names of the heads of household, followed by the first names of all invited in that party (including children).

Your invitations are now ready to be sent! Make sure to watch our video below for the full tutorial!