It's All About the Lace in This Old World Bridal Inspiration
November 6, 2017
This bridal inspiration shoot is all about the old world, European feel, and we're kind of obsessed with it. The intricate gowns, Sardinia lace veil, Trumpet & Horn vintage ring, and delicate florals by Designs by Hemingway all pay homage to the past yet are still fresh for today's Bride wanting for a romantic, nostalgic look. Christine Clark captured this gorgeous session, and there's more waiting for you in the Vault.
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From Christine Clark... "They just don't make them like they used to." Nothing can be more true of antique lace and diamonds. For this shoot, we wanted to pull together some old world charm and combine it with delicate florals. Nothing can match the exquisite beauty of vintage lace, and our two gowns were beautiful showcases for it. Our first gown was Edwardian and mesmerizing in its imaginative intricacy, while our second gown of romantic tambour lace was a beautiful pairing with a veil of Sardinia lace. The florals created by Debbie Hemingway featured the riotous textures of dahlias with soft blushes of dusty lavender roses. Their delicate colors and textures were a perfect complement to our gowns. The loveliest vintage ring from Trumpet & Horn was the crowning detail to pull everything together.