You Know the Vows Are Special When a Rainbow Appears
October 30, 2017
RomanticFarmSpring Weddings
As these two cuties exchanged their vows during their sweet, Southern wedding, a rainbow – yes, a RAINBOW! – lit up the sky above them. Clearly this is an exceptional couple, and Heather Benge Events planned an equally special outdoor ceremony bedecked with stunning arrangements by Everly Alaine Florals to celebrate their love and commitment. Candlelight Films and Nicole Berrett Photography were there to capture the magic of the day, rainbow and all – there's more waiting for you in the Vault.
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From the Bride... Blake and I met in one of the most spectacular ways! I had just graduated college and had moved to the big city of Houston as a marketing manager. I wasn't sure it was going to work out in Houston, but after making friends and getting more plugged in, I finally started warming up (figuratively and literally!) to the idea of Houston. Then, one night, I accepted an invitation to go to an Astros game with a group of friends from church. Unbeknownst to me, mid-way through the game, Blake somehow managed to maneuver his way into sitting next to me. We talked and talked, and I was immediately interested by how unguarded, funny, and effortless it was to talk to him. Out of the blue, just as we were soaking it all in, fireworks started going off in the stadium above us! It was so magical!

Two years later, he proposed on the beach, and we got to plan the wedding of our dreams together. Picking a favorite moment from the entire day is near impossible. If I had two chose just one, it would be the beautiful rainbow (yes, rainbow!) that appeared in the sky when Blake and I started saying our vows to each other. To us, it was one of the most remarkable signs of Jesus's love for us and the commitment we were making to each other in marriage. Having both grown up with parents who divorced and then remarried, we were very skeptical and hesitant about having a big wedding. Eight parents can be a lot to handle! We were nervous it would surface some difficult memories, but instead Jesus chose to use it for His glory and showed us a beautiful sign of His love and support for us. The night was filled with laughter, silly dance moves, reconciliation, and love, and we wouldn't change it for the world!

My biggest advice to any Bride is to be present in every moment! Planning a wedding can be time consuming and stressful, budgets can go off course, and things don't always go as planned. Just embrace it all and find joy in every step of the process! Your marriage is the most important part at the end of the day, and the memories you make with your vendors, friends, family, and your fiancé will be the ones you remember and laugh about for a lifetime. Stress and worry are just not worth it!