Bridal Week Recap: The Pronovias Gowns You Won't Be Able To Stop Talking About
October 28, 2017
We know that Pronovias is always a can't-miss event during New York Bridal Fashion Week, and this year they most certainly did NOT disappoint. All stunning gowns and celebrity spottings, their 2018 Atelier Pronovias Collection took NYC by storm with designs that were equal parts sophisticated AND totally luxe. Hervé Moreau is a design genius, you guys. See the gorgeous below.
Take it from us... the 2018 Atelier Pronovias Collection fashion show wasn't just any old fashion show - it started with gorgeous designs on the red carpet and ended with some of the most breathtaking bridal gowns you will ever see gracing the runway. From the sophisticated lace + crepe jumpsuit worn by Katie Cassidy to Andy Adler's glam cold-shoulder frock to the lineup of beautiful bridal gowns that boasted everything from soft, silky fabrics to glitzy embellishments, this was a runway show that was basically bridal heaven on earth.
It's safe to say that when it comes to bridal fashion (and fashion in general), Pronovias nails it. Every. single. time. And their stunning 2018 Atelier Pronovias Collection is everything we can't stop talking about with figure-flattering silhouettes, amazing fabrics (hey there, organza, crepe, satin and lace) and designs that are all you'll be talking about in 2018. Oh, and did we mention the white gemstone embroidery? We love the way it adds such a delicate touch.
To find your statement-making dream gown, visit Pronovias to find a retailer near you. And for even more inspiration, get a peek at all of the backstage happenings from the big event here.