6 Wedding Getaway Ideas We Love
October 26, 2017
You plan your wedding down to to the final minute—but what about that final minute? The way you leave your wedding is just as important as the way you enter. And by creating a unique getaway, you'll leave your guests with a lasting impression of your best day ever.

If your destination is separate from your venue, try:
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Nothing screams elegance quite like a vintage car. There are a ton of companies that will rent these out for a night, making it an easy option for a getaway. Enlist one of your bridesmaids to decorate the car with "just married" décor, and even use it as a backdrop for some of your wedding portraits. If vintage isn't your thing, you can modernize the idea and rent a luxurious sport scar, instead. We can bet your fiancé will be quite pleased with this idea.

This is great for outdoor weddings. Just imagine how romantic it will feel to hop on a two-person bicycle and ride away into wedded bliss. Pick a vintage style for a more romantic look and decorate it with streamers to add to the charm. Just be sure you aren't going too far—you will be in your wedding gown, after all!
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This is another great option for outdoor weddings but can work for indoor ones, too. Golf carts come in a ton of different shapes and sizes, even colors! Pick one that fits your décor or get a plain one and decorate it yourself.

If your destination and venue are the same, try:
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You may have seen wedding photos of a couple leaving their reception with beautiful sparklers surrounding them. There's a reason you remember these—they're gorgeous! Set a time in the itinerary to have your wedding party come outside and light up the sparklers. Just be sure your venue allows these before settling on the idea.
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If sparklers are out of the question, try a safer option like confetti poppers. With these, you can enlist the entire guest list to pop them as you walk out at newlyweds. Give them out as favors or place one on everyone's seat with directions and a time to head out front. Plus, the pictures will be great—you can't help but have a huge smile on your face when there's confetti!

My husband and I did this for our own wedding and it was so much fun. We spent an evening sipping wine and stringing together wands with ribbons and sticks we found at a local craft store. But, if crafting isn't your thing or you don't have the time, you can also order these from a variety of places. They not only look great in pictures, but your guests will have fun waving them around as you exit. Plus—no cleanup!

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