Say Hello to Our New Blogger Bride, Gabi Valladares of By Gabriella
October 23, 2017
It's always a treat when we get to introduce you to a new Blogger Bride. These gals are hand-picked by SMP editors to share their wedding planning journey. We just know you're going to love our newest bride, Gabi from By Gabriella. Get to know Gabi below and stay tuned for upcoming posts. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her daily!
I spend my days (and evenings!) working with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to ‘up’ their social media and photography game. And, now I’m adding planning a wedding to the list - a ‘to do’ item that I simply couldn’t be more excited about. I’ve been a Style Me Pretty reader for years now, and nearly pinched myself when I discovered that I would have the opportunity to be a blogger bride.

Funny enough, I had been struggling with the decision on whether I would begin sharing wedding content on my site and social media. At first, I thought that it was a little different than my traditional content. But, I do my absolute best to maintain authenticity, and getting married is quite the special occasion - and a pretty big part of my life at the moment. So, here we are! I’m thrilled that I get to document every step of the way to the wedding and feel entirely honored that I get to share it with you all!
Our Wedding Plans
My fiancé, Tim, and I met while we were in college in Boston. Truth be told, we still can’t remember the first time we met! We had an overlapping group of friends and were both highly involved on campus. We knew we initially met at a campus function of some sort, but cannot remember which one! Either way, we became friends, began dating, and here we are - planning a wedding one thousand miles away from our friends and family.

Yes, you heard that right. Tim and I moved to one of our favorite cities - Atlanta, GA - this July. Tim had lived here for a year and a half, while I was still living in Boston. While long distance was tough (to say the least), we fell in love with Atlanta during his time here. So much so, that we decided to move back. This time - together. And, now we’re planning our wedding for fall 2018 right here in Atlanta! We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show everyone we love why we adore Atlanta so very much.
Our Wedding Vision
We love simplicity, and are planning our Atlanta wedding with that in mind. We’ve got our eyes on a nearby space that was once a factory, but is transitioning into a venue. We love that it has a story, and that we’ll be able to have the wedding we’ve been dreaming about ever since getting engaged in Portland, Maine (more on that later!). We’re envisioning lots of greenery, local seasonal food, and some fun twists and surprises for our wedding day - I hope you’ll stay tuned as we embark on this exciting process!