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The 9 Stages of Post-Wedding Feels
October 22, 2017
So you just got married...CONGRATS! As the party winds down and the wedding festivities come to a close, chances are you'll be feeling all the emotions. Yes, it's awesome that you have a husband or wife that you adore and, yes, you are glad that the stressful parts of wedding planning are over but you're not necessarily ready close this exciting chapter of your life.

Here are the nine stages of the post-wedding feels every bride has.

1. Joy


You're putting a cap on the greatest day of your life! You felt the love, said your vows, and danced your booty off. Chances are your heart feels like it's flying while your body feels like it's sinking in the exhaustion.

2. Relaxed


Off to the honeymoon where you will be pampered like a king and queen! Finally, the treatment you deserve! Nothing like some intense relaxation and luxury living after all of your hard work to make the wedding day a beautiful success.

3. Living the Dream


The best part of "living the dream" on your honeymoon is that you get to do it with your spouse! Cue the abuse of the words husband, wife, Mr. and Mrs. Also cue lots of corny honeymoon scenes from movies because you're just extra obsessed with your new husband/wife. And well...lots of you-know-what.

4. Denial


Ever see a toddler throwing a tantrum? Well, that's the emotional equivalent of having to leave your honeymoon. Why can't "professional honeymooner" be a job?! The post-honeymoon blues are real! I mean you're really into this new role and your new spouse but there's no association between the words 'happy' and 'honeymoon over.'

5. Hungry


Well, at least the wedding diet is over. You probably need to 'live it up' as newlyweds which means way too many date nights and way too much food. The newlywed fifteen is REAL.

6. Anti-Social


You already had to separate from your new husband/wife when the honeymoon ended for work and now people expect you to separate even more?! All that you really want to do is be alone in your newlywed bubble.

7. Nostalgic


A wedding takes so long to plan and then it just disappears in an instant! Sign you up for any way to make the wedding high live on! Your wedding video footage has become your favorite TV show and you stare at your photos regularly. What about your friends who still want to talk about what a blast it was...the BEST!

8. Back to Reality


If you lived with your husband/wife before you got married, a lot of the 'day to day' will feel the same as it did before you hit the altar. Meaning, the chores still have to get done, the bills still have to get paid, and you still get to chat endlessly about what to make for dinner.

9. True Love


But the good news is that the end of your wedding only means the start of forever as Mr. and Mrs. (or Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs.). After all, there's no one else you'd want to go through every phase of life with!
Style Me Pretty Contributor - Carly Robinson is a freelance writer and the gal behind The Cozy Curator, a blog that features all things life+ style. She lives in Hoboken, NJ with her husband. She considers herself a 'modern hostess' because she loves entertaining but doesn't like all of the old school pressure that comes with it. Carly is a rookie wife, an 'attainable fashion' fan and a lover of food.