3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Day Beauty Team
October 18, 2017
Wedding day beauty is one of the most important—and most concerning—parts of the day. As brides, we want to feel our best and that has a lot to do with how we look. Which is why the team we pick to make us feel beautiful on our important day makes a big difference. Here are three things to consider before deciding on your beauty team.
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There are so many different ways a bride will want to look on her wedding day. Are you a more traditional bride looking for classic makeup and a timeless updo? Or do you consider yourself more edgy, hoping for sultry eye makeup and a tousled do? Find an artist that matches your style. "Seek inspiration for your artist in advance that reminds you of your own hair as well as makeup that matches your personality and skin tone/type," says Lori Nansi, makeup and hair artist. "Check out their social media to see if there are some looks and styles you might have missed on their website."
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It's not uncommon for brides to want to change their look throughout the wedding planning. With so many images and ideas coming your way, it's likely you may second guess your look before the big day. Because of this, it's super important to find an artist that is there for you throughout—and maybe even goes the extra mile. "At the end of the trial, ask your hairstylist to take video of the style from front to back, and back around again so you can see how the look translates on film." says Tanya Bures, owner of Page Beauty. "You'll also see the hair at every angle and can pinpoint any distractions or imperfections!"
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Your makeup artist is the first person you will see on your wedding day so it's super important to make sure you like them. Schedule a trial well in advance to get a feel for how your personalities vibe. "[A trial] is a great opportunity to connect with the team before the big day, adding to the overall ease of the getting-ready experience," says Tanya Bures. Lori Nansi agrees, adding "This is the perfect chance to see if you vibe—after all you will most likely spend the first half of your wedding day with your artist!"

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