5 Things You Should NEVER Do as a Wedding Guest
October 18, 2017
If you log on to Style Me Pretty with us on the daily, you get to be a virtual guest to sooo many gorgeous events (in your yoga pants). But what's more exciting than getting an invite to an actual wedding?! Wedding season might be winding down now, but those save-the-dates for next season's events will start to roll in soon. Take it from us and heed these five wedding guest blunders that you should never be caught doing.

Assume a Plus One

A wedding is a very personal event (and costly one, too!), making it difficult for couples to settle on a guest list without even thinking about plus ones. Keep in mind that they may have had to cut extended family or even friends from their list, so they probably don't want 10 plus one peeps they don't even know invited to their Big Day. Most couples will list 'and guest' on the invite, but if you're unsure, simply ask!


There are a LOT of to dos before a wedding (especially ones that involve the final guest list count), so don't make the Bride and Groom chase you down for an RSVP. Simple as that.

Get Too Tipsy

We get it, those trays of pretty signature cocktails are passing you by far too often and maybe you want to take advantage of that open bar while it lasts. But the last thing you should be doing is getting tipsy—especially if you're in the wedding party or expected to speak. If you find yourself sipping a little faster than usual, trade every other cocktail for a water!

Wear White

Kind of obvious right? But people still do it. Unless the couple requests it, just don't do it. Steer clear of too-close-to-white colors as well, like light ivory, cream and super light beige. This is the Bride's moment, don't steal her thunder.

Share Pictures on Social Media

This is another one that seems obvious, but in today's world where social media is second nature, we all need a bit of reminding! Gone are the days of disposable cameras being placed on every table—where the silly moments would be hidden until the film was developed days later. Just simply avoid sharing any pictures at all of the day and especially the couple unless you have their consent. They're most likely hiring a professional photographer and for good reason.