A Black-Tie Affair in the Most Romantic Garden Setting
October 16, 2017
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If you thought black-tie affairs were relegated to weekends only, think again. This Tuesday celebration is a classic pairing of formal and alfresco set against the gorgeous backdrop of Greystone Mansion. With planning by Wish, Wonder, Dream and lavender and blush blooms by Wild Muse Floral, get lost in this pastel beauty through images by Ether & Smith.
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From the bride...We met in Temecula, California. I was working in a tanning salon and he was tanning! We hit it off right away and began chatting via text message (remember T9 word?). On our first official date, he asked why I had accepted his invitation to dinner and I said, “I’d like to marry a man like you.” In 2012, we officially wed. It was a secret ceremony that we told no one about for the first few years. We agreed that we would have a wedding later!

Because our wedding took place on the 5th anniversary of our marriage, there was less pressure around the big decision to marry and we could focus on planning an intimate affair (fewer than 40 people including the wedding party)! Our theme of “West Coast Formal” began to emerge as a garden-party affair with men in black tie. It’s funny what little details become overwhelmingly important to each couple - for us, a venue that could support my vision of one long table for guests to sit together became critical. We also wanted incredible photography to capture these memories and amazing food! We skipped guest books, photo booths, party favors and many other common wedding staples.

A lot of brides say that they forget much of their wedding day. I have so many memories of mine! It might be silly, but I spent hours researching how to “be present” and “mindful” on my wedding day. Putting all of those articles to good use, I recall taking deep breaths and feeling the grass under my feet, the sun on my face and the pearl necklace that my aunt was wearing. Together, we remember our caterer bringing us hors d’oeuvres after the ceremony, me changing into a surprise reception dress, exploring the mansion at Greystone with our friends, the sun setting on our beautiful day, and my stepson telling me I was the most beautiful bride.

Planning a wedding that feels like “yours” requires truly knowing what is important to both of you and what is not. For us, a Tuesday ceremony that ended at 8 PM without a DJ (we opted for a string quartet) felt right.

I really wanted a dress-code, but did not want to impose any bridezilla madness on our closest friends and family. We decided that asking people to attend our wedding on a Tuesday and wear certain clothing would be their gift to us so we did not register.

Couples should anticipate little things going wrong and mentally prepare to let these things go! Our microphone/sound system for the ceremony was not turned on. We forgot to remove our rings prior to the ceremony. Luckily, things going “wrong,” can end up being your favorite memories. My groom realized that we would not be able to exchange rings if we were already wearing them! So he whispered “give me your ring” and started slipping it off my finger! This surely would have been picked up by the microphone had it been on, but we were able to slip off our rings with just a bit of laughter! Things will be imperfect, but that’s okay. Perfection isn’t what a wedding or marriage is all about.
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