We're Declaring Private Vow Exchanges the Next Big Thing
October 16, 2017
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As weddings have increasingly grown into elaborate – and sometimes overwhelming – events, an increasing desire to make space for intimate moments between the couple is only natural. So these two decided to privately exchange the vows they wrote themselves one month prior to their wedding day at The University of Chicago. Dressed in a romantic Anna Campbell gown and carrying a bouquet of fall foliage from Flourish + Bloom Events, this beautiful Bride-to-be shared promises from the heart with her beloved in a sacred moment captured by Kristin La Voie Photography. We love this idea so much – get inspired for a private, pre-wedding vow exchange of your own by all the heartwarming images in the Vault!
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From Kristin La Voie Photography... One month before their wedding day, love birds Katie and Tommy had a pre-wedding day shoot to wind down and celebrate during what is typically a stressful time in the days leading up to the big day. Not only is it important to take a moment to breathe and enjoy each other during this exciting time, but it is also important to relax and find quietness and intimacy while you can.

This beautiful Chicago session takes place in a peaceful, ivy-covered garden in the middle of the busy city (symbolic of this rare moment of peace during a whirlwind of wedding preparations). On this day, Katie and Tommy share their vows to each other, their appreciation of one another, their commitment for their lives together.

In my nine years in the industry, I have seen private vow exchanges become increasingly popular. With stricter church rules that forbid personal vows, couples who prefer privacy, and couples who want additional time to share their love for each other outside of the ceremony time constraints, a separate vow exchange is the perfect way to capture that beautiful moment. What better way than to create a separate shoot devoted to this sacred commitment?! A shoot completely dedicated to the promises you make to each other, without the worry of everyone around listening in. A moment to truly cherish, and now documented for eternity.