5 Steps to Styling the Perfect Bridal Braid

A few years ago, I thought bridal braids were a hot trend. Oh, how wrong I was. Rather than a trend, they’re a timeless hairstyle that continues to make an appearance, and more beautiful than ever. But when it comes to styling your perfect bridal braid, there are a few things to consider—beyond showing your hairstylist a dreamy look from your Pinterest board. Grab our tips below!

Choose the right braid for your hair type.

Just because that fishtail braid looks gorgeous on the bride on your Pinterest board, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Consider things like your hair thickness, color and length when choosing your perfect bridal braid, and don’t forget to experiment! This glossary of braids is a great go-to.

Choose the right braid for your dress style.

You’re going to want to work with your dress style to determine your braid style. Donning a chic strapless number? A dreamy side swept braid would be beautiful. Does your dress feature a gorgeous back? Maybe an updo with an upside down braid is your match.

Enhance your braid.

If you’re after a gorgeous, chunky braid but you just don’t have the length or thickness, don’t be scared to seek a little help! Extensions are a great way to bulk up that braid or give you the length you need to pull off the style you’re going for.

Dirty Hair, Don’t Care

The thought of dirty hair on your wedding doesn’t sound too appealing does it? Well, it might actually be better for that beautiful braid your after. Depending on your hair type, consider going with second day hair on your wedding to let your braid shine it’s brightest!

Consider Coloring Options

The prettiest braids often feature gorgeous dimension in the form of your hair color. Talk with your stylist about coloring or balayage options to get the look you’re going for.