35 Years Later And These Are Princess Diana's Bridal Looks That Live On
October 12, 2017

If there's one word to describe Princess Diana's wedding style, it'd be iconic.

"Diana's wedding dress was an instant hit from the moment she stepped out of the car on the big day," says Liz Ise, wedding planner for Chancey Charm Dallas. "In full 1980's style, it incorporated the lavish fabrics, voluminous silhouettes and all the drama. Thankfully, puffy sleeves are out and never coming back. However, Lady Diana made those current trends seem effortlessly timeless."

That's why, more than 35 years after she said 'I do,' her bold fashion choices live on. "Many elements of Diana's bridal look are still in style," says Liz. "Ruffles on the neckline and sleeves have been spotted everywhere. This flattering design element is a gorgeous ode to Diana's hit dress and is on trend for 2018."

With one royal wedding down and a potential one on the way, let's run through the rest of Lady Diana's bridal choices that are still a hit today. Brides-to-be, take note on how to work the regal look into your own nuptials.

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Go for style and comfort.
Like most brides, Diana knew she would have to be standing for a long period of time. Instead of going for mile-high stilettos, she opted for a pair of fancy beaded flats instead says Liz. "No one says you need to wear heels or sacrifice style on your wedding day," she added. "Channel her style by choosing a pair of comfortable designer flats that will make you feel like a princess."
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Rethink your jewels.
Arguably one of the biggest bridal trends, led by the memory of Lady Diana, was the sapphire stone Prince William presented to Kate as an engagement ring says Jyl Deering, wedding planner for Chancey Charm Boston. The ring was previously owned and worn by Lady Diana during her engagement. Of choosing the gemstone ring, Diana simply stated she selected it for its beauty, proving not all engagement rings have to feature a diamond. Incorporate the jewel into your wedding day as your something blue item. If you'd like to make a bigger statement, consider a tiara or go classic with a string of pearls.
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Unveil your inner princess.
Diana's encrusted tiara was an heirloom from the 18th century says Dawn Stafford, wedding planner for Gathering Souls. And it attached to her veil, which extended past the 25-foot train of her dress. The look lives on says Dawn, "Spring 2018 features extravagant veils with extending lengths. The wedding accessory is now doubling as jewelry or a shawl."

Brittany Finkle, CEO of Happily Ever Borrowed, backs this up by saying cathedral length veils have continued to be her number one rental over the last six years. "Our top styles include lace detail which is similar to the style that Diana wore on her wedding day," says Brittany. "While our cathedral length veils can't match the 153 yards of tulle that Diana had, we can definitely get our brides a similar look!"
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More on lace.
"The touches of lace at the elbows and hemlines creates an instant heirloom," says Liz. "The vintage vibe is always popular in bridal styles." Liz recommends adding pieces of lace from your mother or grandmother's dresses in order to fulfill the 'something old' tradition and the make gown completely custom. It's a unique and subtle way to pay homage to your lineage. "Believe it or not, the lace on Diana's gown dated back to the era of Queen Mary," says Liz.
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Finish things off with a bow.
"My favorite wedding fashion trends inspired by Princess Diana's style includes bows," says Jyl. "Princess Diana had multiple bows on her wedding dress and the trend is here to stay for classic brides." The versatility of bows is such that it can be used as a subtle detail or as a statement piece.

Look to the runway and you'll see oversized bows making a splash, says Dawn. "There is an elegance in an oversized bow," she adds. "It kicks the look up a notch."

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Ximena N. Larkin is a writer and publicist. She lives in Chicago with her husband and dog. More: ximenalarkin.com.