Super Chic Downtown LA Engagement Shoot
October 10, 2017
If these pics don't make you fall in love with this couple (which they will, no doubt about it), just take a read through their proposal story below and you'll want to be bffs immediately. Let's just say it includes an awkward Airbnb situation, reservations gone awry, shots of Patron and drunk wedding guests. I love everything about it... and everything about this chic engagement shoot from Jen of Betsi Ewing Studio. Soak up all the style and smiles right this way!
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From the Bride-to-be... We didn't want to do the traditional "love birds in a meadow" that you see a lot of with engagement shoots. I went through Pinterest and blogs to slowly build a storyboard and found that we kept leaning towards urban shots with strong architectural features. Our goal was to just be us (a better dressed version of us)- in love and exploring these iconic buildings in downtown LA. Jen from Betsi Ewing Studio made us feel uber comfortable, and with her art direction, our vision came to life!

We met online while living in Monterey, CA. Our first date was at a local coffee shop called East Village. He ordered a mocha and I ordered a black coffee. We joked about our difference in drink choices which helped break the ice. Coffee turned into dinner which turned into drinks which turned into us getting caught in the misty-rain Monterey is known for. The night ended with us being soaking wet and a clumsy kiss. He said "I love you" six months later on a rooftop party in Brooklyn. We moved in together a little less than six months after that.

Fast forward four years later and we are heading to Santa Barbara for a weekend away. I knew something was up because this was the first (and last) trip he planned all by himself. Things started to go awry from the start with the massage he had scheduled for Sunday getting canceled on our drive up. Next, we are pulling up to the Airbnb he had rented only to be greeted by a 70 year old man named Bob. The "romantic gazebo and separate quarters" were actually a gazebo covered in weeds and a bedroom/ bathroom across the hall 4ft from Bob's bedroom. His reservations at Ysidro Ranch, known for their breathtaking views, was after sunset at 8:30pm and pitch black as far as the eyes could see. After me refusing to go on a "walk to view the grounds" because it was freezing outside, he quickly looked up a plan b. We hopped in an Uber to the Four Seasons bar for a romantic night cap. When we walked in the door we were greeted by a full wedding party 3-sheets to the wind. I was instantly hit on by a groomsman because I was the only female he hadn't seen all night. He quickly saw Matt and tried redeeming himself by buying us both a drink. While we sat by the fireplace trying to continue our date night, drunk wedding guest came and went on our couch telling us their life stories. Matt used the excuse to get away from everyone and asked me to walk down to the ocean. Then it happened. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him on his knee, my heart fell to my stomach, and I tried for the longest time not to look at him. I finally did and completely blanked on what he said after "I love you so much". It must have been good because I said yes! After hugs and kisses, we walked back into the bar to find the guy who hit on me sitting at a table by himself surrounded by shots of Patron. We sat down and explained several times to him we were not married and by just engaged, we meant we literally just got engaged. Finally it hit him and he said- "Wait, so when you first walked in the bar, you weren't engaged. Then, when you just walked back in the bar right now, you are in engaged? WHAT?? CHEERS!!!" We celebrated and had a with a few shots with him before calling it a night. The best part is Bob said we were the 3rd couple to get engaged while staying with him! Obviously Matt wasn't the only one to be tricked with his Airbnb ad. :)