5 Things I Didn’t Expect When I Got Engaged

A few weeks ago, the most incredible thing happened. After eight years together, my college boyfriend popped the question in Maine with our parents watching on. The whole weekend, as we ducked into little shops and bars (so many lobster rolls!) in rainy Kennebunkport, I couldn’t help but think what a dream it all felt like…and how I couldn’t have literally dreamt the weekend up. Here are five things I didn’t expect.

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That yes, I can be surprised

Contrary to what I always thought, I can 100% be surprised. I pride myself on being a detective—knowing the scoop on everything and being one step ahead of the game. Not on September 2nd! Not only did I miss every sign and clue (his clammy hands, my friend taking me to get a manicure the day before), I was completely dumbfounded. It will forever go down as the greatest surprise of my life. And kudos to all of the people who were able to keep the secret.

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I didn’t cry!

Whenever I envisioned that moment (generally on a long run), I pictured myself crying. But in the photos his dad snapped in a bush from afar, I am actually laughing, not crying. And so is he. The moment was overwhelming, and my instinct was to laugh and smile. Heres hoping the same thing happens when I walk down the aisle.

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We didn’t want to share the news right away

We spent the evening drinking champagne with our parents, and aside from the few family and friends we told that night, we waited to share the news until we felt really ready. Spending a few days quiet away in Maine was the perfect way to kick off our engagement and only made it that much sweeter when we finally did tell everyone else.

Just how happy we would be

I had heard from my engaged friend’s that the actual proposal would feel like an out of body experience. And it truly was. I can honestly say that we both could not wipe the smile off of our faces for days. Even returning home and heading back to work seemed like a dream, a swirl of congratulatory messages and emotionally-laced moments. It was far and away better than we ever could have imagined.

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We felt really loved

Maybe it’s just that we’d seen far too many social posts from other couples thanking everyone for the outpouring of love post-engagement (almost standard language nowadays), but we truly had no idea how much love we would really receive. Near and far, friends and family reached out, sent cards, told us how happy they were for us. And just like that, we understood the whole “outpouring of love” thing.

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