6 Lingerie Shower Gifts For Every Bride

What do you sleep in? Such a personal and intimate question, I know, but I’m curious. Realistically for me, it’s an old college t-shirt and boxer shorts. #prettyboring.

However, a recent invite to a lingerie shower has got me thinking, and browsing, for new and updated loungewear….ya know, the cuter kind. Assuming I can’t gift this bride-to-be one of my old college tees, I think one from the roundup here, or a gift card for her to pick out her own, will surely suffice. And while I’m at it, I’ll order two…

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Briana Charlotte is a freelance writer residing in Brooklyn, New York. When she isn’t writing about all things bridal, she can be found on the dance floor at a wedding or bachelorette party.