The Signature Scents Our Editors Wore on their Wedding Days

There are lots of big decisions to make for your wedding day (like dress shopping!), and then, there are lots of little ones too. Tiny details that are equally as important in making your Big Day come together—like selecting your signature scent! Maybe you already have a favorite that you wear on the daily, or maybe you want to get something a little extra special to remember your day by. If you’re in need of some scent inspo, we’re sharing our favorites that we wore! Keep reading for our editors selections below.


My husband gifted me with Kai after I fell in love with it on a vacation and it has been my signature scent ever since. It reminds me of gardenias, and beaches, and summer, and, of course, my one and only. It was the perfect scent to wear on my wedding day.


Beach by Bobbi Brown is my absolute favorite scent in the world. I even wear it in the winter! When it came to my wedding day, I wanted to wear something that my husband was already familiar with, rather than a totally new scent I’d never worn. Beach was the perfect pairing for our coastal, waterfront wedding. 


I wore Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. I’m super picky with fragrances but have found that I adore the scent of gardenia and jasmine scents and I’ve obsessed over this one for years. My wedding seemed like the perfect opportunity (excuse?) to finally purchase this pretty, chic bottle and wearing it on my wedding day made me love this scent even more, if that was even possible! To this day, one sniff brings me so much joy and sweet memories, and I never, ever tire of it.


I wore Chanel Chance on my wedding day. It is very light and summery with notes of citrus—it reminds me of a vacation under the sun—so it was perfect for our destination wedding in Palm Springs. I also wore Chance often in the early days of dating my now husband and it reminds us both of college when we fell in love.


I wore Illuminum White Gardenia Petals. It’s no secret among my loved ones that I am obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge, so when she Kate chose this scent for her wedding, I had to acquire a sample. I fell in love with the fragrance and quickly adopted it as my own “special occasion signature scent.” It’s a pared-down perfume – light, simple, and feminine – and was the perfect choice for my own big day. I felt pretty and elegant but not overwhelmed. Plus, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had an amazing marriage so far – I’m convinced this perfume is good luck for my own!


I wore Ralph by Ralph Lauren. It’s my husband’s favorite so I thought it would be a special touch just for him! I try to wear it on special date nights and anniversaries, too!