The Genius Beauty Trick I Learned from Jessica Alba
September 26, 2017
I don't watch Instagram live feeds very often, but the other day I decided to tune into Jessica Alba's tutorial on how to get the pregnancy glow when you're not feeling so glow-y. As a new (tired) mama, I figured I could takeaway some tips on how to keep that glow going post-baby! I ended up learning a genius little trick that really had nothing to do with the glow, but can change your entire look. It's all about the brow—and it's a great trick for a little more natural drama in those wedding photos, too. Keep reading for the deets!

First, make sure to brush out your brows, tweeze any rogue hairs and trim if needed.

Next, (and here's the trick part of it!) you're going to use TWO shades of brow filler. Apply a lighter shade on the inner portion of your brow, closest to your eyes. Then, apply a shade darker to the outer portion of your brows for a little more definition. Jessica noted that many women get that too harsh brow look because they're using one darker color on the WHOLE brow. Considering that our brows are naturally lighter on the inner portion, it totally makes sense to use a lighter shade here!

Lastly, blend! Use your brow brush again to blend the two shades together and smooth out your brows. You'll be happily surprised with the defined, yet natural look you can achieve using this trick. Let us know what you think if you try it!