Magical Engagement on a Volcanic Island
September 25, 2017
I love when we get to add new locations to our site. With a bajillion weddings, engagements, elopements and inspiration shoots in our archives, that's not something we run into very often! But today, we get to add Fuerteventura to the list—a gorgeous volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, where these Tanja Kibogo captured these two lovers in the perfect golden light. There's more right this way!
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From Tanya Kibogo... Reya & Christian are two doctors who met each other at work in south Germany. Both wanted to move back up towards middle west of Germany because they found it boring in the mountains for young folks. This is how a relationship started, escaping the south. Both love traveling a lot and that why they decided to do their engagement session on the volcanic island Fuerteventura. We went to the side of the island where usually no cars are allowed to drive but that was the more beautiful part of the island so we sneaked away from the main road and made it to this magical rough place for sunset shots. The second part was in the morning during sunrise at the beach in front of their hotel. Pure magic, worth the early wake up.