Stroll Through Paris's Iconic Sites With This Classic E-Session
September 23, 2017
I had the pleasure of visiting Paris for the first time last month and immediately fell in love with the city – and this engagement session captured by the talented Amanda Wei Photo is taking me right back to the romance of those cobblestone streets. The gorgeous Bride-to-be absolutely glowed, with thanks to Harold James, as she walked hand-in-hand with her love around some of Paris's most beautiful and iconic sites. From the Eiffel Tower to a majestic chateau, there's so many pretty moments to see in this gallery!
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From Amanda Wei Photo... The world is far from lying when they say that Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world. Even with the gritty street art, gloomy weather, and cigarette smoke every where you turn, the cobble stone streets, petite cafe store fronts, and never-ending, jaw-dropping architecture of Paris will sweep you off your feet.

Our clients, Jessie and Shuning who are getting married at Auberge du Soleil next April, decided to have a destination engagement session in Paris, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! We split their session into two days to get the most out of France that we possibly could. On day one, we wandered through Paris, starting at the world famous Eiffel Tower. We began just before sunrise to beat the crowds and to capture the beautiful soft pink light, and man, was it worth it! We carried on and went to the Pont Alexandre III, which is a stunning bridge crossing over the Seine that is elegantly decorated with gold statues and old black street lamps. Continuing on our stroll through Paris, we stopped by the Louvre Museum, wandered through Les Deux Plateaux with its fun black and white pillars, passed by Notre Dame, and found ourselves wandering through tiny side streets loaded with shops, cafes, and gift stores.

Just in the nick of time before the rain overtook Paris, we ended our first session at one of our favorite locations on the side of the Seine. People were scattered along the river that runs through Paris like the vain of romance every day, just enjoying each others company, some with a bottle of wine, a baguette, or a bit of cheese. It was amazing to see how this simple place surrounded by such beauty could be the source of encouragement for so much love, chivalry, and romance.

After a stunning countryside drive about an hour south of Paris, we arrived at this magnificent chateau for day two of our session! The view of the front entrance was so incredibly breathtaking, we were all so thrilled about the day that was ahead of us, and it was only just the beginning. We spent a good couple of hours strolling through the chateau with our jaws dropped, pit-stopping every now and then along the way to shoot. Each room had its own unique style and elegance, which created the perfect setting for a unique engagement session! After covering all of the locations possible inside, it was time to head out to the garden. (It was also time to get a golf cart!) The Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte was so incredibly massive, majestic, romantic, and well-manicured! We kept day-dreaming about attending parties that were hosted there way back when… Could you imagine?! It was such a beautiful day casually strolling through the chateau that we pretended was our very own private palace, photographing such an incredibly sweet, fun and loving couple, Jessie and Shuning.

Thank you again for taking us on such an amazing adventure! We absolutely love destination shoots and can't wait for the next one! Paris, you stole our hearts.
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