Drop-Dead Gorgeous Gowns + Iceland = An Absolute Must-See
September 20, 2017
If you have yet to fall in love with the genius that is Allure Bridals, today's stunning photo shoot should most certainly do the trick. With show-stopping lace numbers and unique details filling every capture, it's a tribute to just how amazing these dresses truly are. Oh, and did we mention that it's all set in Iceland? Check it out below.
Allure Bridals' latest collections are all about romantic silhouettes and awe-inspiring details. So what better place to showcase these ethereal beauties than Iceland with its black sand beaches and rolling hills? From the beautiful fabrics like lace and chiffon to the figure-flattering styles to the surprising details (hey there, fab capes), there isn't a gown that won't make you stop and take a moment.
Whether you are on the lookout for a princess style gown with delicate embroidery or want to stun your guests with a little something outside the box, Allure Bridals has you totally covered. Visit their website today to find a retailer near you and then check out more of their beautiful photo shoot right here to seriously brighten your afternoon.