Opposite Styles Attract With This Beautiful Bridal Shoot
September 20, 2017
Hot and cold. Hard and soft. Sweet and spicy. A solid juxtaposition keeps you on your toes and that approach can even be applied to style and design. Case in point: the strong architectural lines from this bridal shoot mixed with the graceful gown and florals... it works perfectly and has us absolutely obsessed, no if's, and's, or but's about it. Carrie King captured the looks from every angle and we're hoping there's more of this approach in our future... opposites attract, isn't that right?
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From Carrie King... Architecture and grace. Bridal portraits in Denver, Colorado. This inspiration came from mixing bold architecture with soft, neutral blooms, and a simple gown. The first few images are of the bride getting ready in the under slip of the gown. She is adorned with golf leaf and moody light. I hope you love it!