A Departure From the “Cool Bride” Trend

Over the past few years, there has been a steadily increasing trend for brides to be the “Cool Bride.” To find unique gowns, with eclectic elements and details, all in the pursuit of the extraordinary. And most of the time, this is awesome! It’s great to break boundaries and explore different possibilities. But some brides may not want to wear a bedazzled, fringed kaftan!

And if that’s you, read on for five wedding dress designers that are keeping it timeless and classic.

Sawyer Baird

Rebecca Schoneveld

These gowns are all made in Brooklyn, New York which just adds to their down-to-earth vibe. The designer herself just wants her brides to feel free and authentic- none of this striving to be ultra-cool. Her collection strives for inclusivity, which caters to brides of every shape and size (can I get an Amen!), through allowing simple customizations to their existing collection. A fun, free, feminine aesthetic makes for simply a great gown choice.

Summer Street Photography


For the classic, streamlined wedding dress, Watters is your best bet! They have a few different collections at a few different price-points, so you’re likely to find something to suit all your desires! With the utilization of simple, stunning laces and impeccably constructed gowns, this brand is ideal for the bride who is all about fit and class. Have a peek around their website and you’ll notice that they’re stocked globally as their aesthetic works worldwide!

Marquise Bridal

Based out of Melbourne, this brand does not subscribe to current bridal trends, but rather transcends them and exudes classic glamour and elegance. Marquise uses a lot of luxe, high-end fabrics in figure-flattering silhouettes. While definitely cool-bride worthy, these gowns are timeless, and will remain your favorite years after you walk down the aisle!

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Samantha Sleeper

Another Brooklyn based designer, Samantha Sleeper is the epitome of dreamy and ethereal. Although they do create collections, the main aspect of the brand is their incredible custom pieces. They landed on this list for their authentic approach to design: beginning a dialogue with each bride and analyzing what they want and translating it to a stunning, finished piece. Delicate embroideries, floral embellishments, and laces characterize their line and set them apart from many current designers.

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Hayley Paige

‘Now, Hayley Paige could definitely be considered a cool-bride designer. She has a collection of “holy-matrimojis”, so she might just be the queen of cool! But recently, I’ve been seeing the decline of the ballgown in favor of brides turning to more figure-hugging silhouettes in an effort not to look princessy. However, if your goal is to be the belle of the ball, Hayley Paige is for you! Her gowns are big, vivacious and overall gorgeous, and unique while staying timeless and beautiful.

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Goli Parvinian is a bridal enthusiast and masters student living in Melbourne, Australia. Over the past few years, she has worked for bridal brands in her hometown of Chicago, New Zealand and New York City. You can typically find her in a cafe, face-timing her nieces or out on a long run.