The Romantic Dallas Engagement of Two Childhood Sweethearts
September 14, 2017
Perfection is an engagement session at the hands of Tenth & Grace. Showcasing the beauty of Dallas gardens and the sweetest couple who met at the ripe old age of 14, this shoot includes gowns, wildflowers and true soulmates. Sift through all the pretty images right here and stay tuned for their insanely gorgeous wedding coming up next!
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From the bride... Parker and I met at the age of 14 in Arkansas and started dating at 16. Parker actually took me on our first date on my 16th birthday since that was the age I was allowed to begin dating! We were high school sweethearts and destined soulmates. I always dreamt of a New Years eve engagement - Parker knew this and wanted to make that wish come true. On December 31, 2012 after a long day of work, I walked into a bare apartment that only had a mattress (I had just moved in the day prior and had no furniture). I opened the door to a candlelight path of sunflowers (my favorite flower) and a love song playing in the background. The best part about it was the path of flowers had a trail of photos with handwritten letters on each with quotes that described the perfect love. The photos were set up as a timeline of our love - starting with a photo of our first date and all the small moments in between. The trail ended and led up to a door, when I opened it, there was Parker on one knee where he asked me to marry him. I can still remember that day like it just happened. It was a moment of pure bliss. We had what most would call an extremely long engagement - 4 years! When you find your soulmate time means nothing because it truly went by so quickly. From the beginning, we treated our relationship like a marriage. The funny thing is, we would talk about wedding locations and attempt to plan but all of our ideas never seemed like a good fit for our love story. That is where the thought of building our own venue from the ground up grew, and the idea of The Grand Ivory was born.