How to Answer The 5 Most Annoying Questions You
September 13, 2017
Congratulations on getting engaged to your best friend and starting to prep for the most exciting and memorable day of your life! Now bring on the sometimes intrusive and overall- annoying questions you'll get asked by friends, family, strangers, and more.

Learn these one liners, brush the question off, and move on with your life.
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How much does the wedding cost?
Many questions I received while I was engaged led me to question what the heck was going through people's brains. This was one of those questions. I know in some social circles and cultural backgrounds, it may be completely acceptable to talk about money publicly like that but I personally find it to be rude no matter who is asking me. It is no one's business how much your wedding costs and you don't need to feel pressured to answer.

How you'd like to respond: Idk, how much does your house cost? Oh, I'm sorry are you feeling uncomfortable?
How you should respond: It's a wedding so it costs more than a normal party, but we're financially prepared.
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Can I do "xyz" at your wedding?
Once you start planning a wedding, various friends and family members with varying talents (or let's call them "hobbies") will come out of the woodwork and may ask if they can sing, talk, play guitar, cater, plan, (etc.) for your wedding. It's nice of them to ask but in this situation, you've already made your plans and do not want any additions.

How you'd like to respond: Sure send me your resume and we'll set up an interview.
How you should respond: Oh thank you for asking. We already made our arrangements for that part of the wedding but I appreciate your offer!
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So, when's the wedding!?
Rolling my eyes so hard my head hurts...Let's stop this crazy person right here. Like WHAT?? The first few days, weeks, and even months after most people get engaged are spent just enjoying being able to say "I'm engaged" and staring at the new ring. Getting asked this question after you tell someone about your engagement, is simply too soon because you want to enjoy the moment you're in and feel like people around you are excited for you, not the plans for the wedding.

How you'd like to respond: I don't know, when are you having a baby?
How you should respond: We haven't set a date yet. We're enjoying this initial stage of announcing and celebrating our engagement.
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Are you inviting...?
I don't care who is paying for your wedding or not paying for your wedding. None of your family members can pressure you to invite certain guests to your wedding. This question seems so innocent but it can quickly stress you out because if you say yes to THAT person, then you have to say yes to this OTHER person, or family. Of course, your mom may remind you of a friend from the past that may want to be invited but at the end of the day, it's up to you and your future spouse, period.

How you'd like to respond: No but feel free to invite them to yours!
How you should respond: We want our wedding day to feel relaxed and we have to be mindful of the budget so that person/group/family didn't make the cut.

Can I sit at a table with...?
One of the most mind-numbing tasks of wedding planning is putting the seating chart together. You have to fit the perfect amount of guests at the table with their family or significant other and you want to pair them with people they will get along with and enjoy chatting with. It's a pain, and your mental bridal capacity will have no room for playing musical chairs. Once you set the seating chart, you do not want to re-arrange and let everything spiral out of control and you end up asking yourself, "Do guests even need chairs?" LOL, k moving on...

How you'd like to respond: Yes of course because that's at the top of my bridal to-do list.
How you should respond: The guest list has been very tricky but I'll try my best.

Being a bride sometimes feels like you're walking around with a sandwich board and ringing a bell that says "ASK ME ABOUT MY WEDDING." Frankly, we're over it. Use these one-liners, then smile and walk (or run) away.

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