"Same-Sex Marriage Is Not Legal in Our Country, So We Married in the U.S."
September 8, 2017
Tri State
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This is the kind of story that makes me eager to log on to SMP every day. It's not about the details, no, it's a pure dose of LOVE. Because love is love, and nothing (not even a country) can deny that. Seth and Jacky are brave, strong and admirable for their journey to say I Do. Alisa Ferris' imagery paired with their story below is bound to brighten your day.
Seth and Jacky are not able to enjoy the simple luxuries that many couples take for granted. They can't hold hands or kiss in public. Cozy Instagram pics? Posted with caution. The couple is from Indonesia where same-sex marriage is not recognized, and even worse, neither is homosexuality.
The two met online when Seth was just 19 and Jacky was 16; they maintained a friendship for 4 years before venturing into a romantic relationship. Fast forward eleven years, and the couple have pretty much done it all; here's the scoop on these savvy business owners, parents and gay rights advocates.
"In Indonesia, homosexuality is not widely accepted, and gay marriage is non-existent," stated Jacky. "After more than ten years together, we grew weary of the subterfuge and felt that we deserved to have what so many others already have."
That mindset sent the two packing for NYC where gay marriage is legal. Their elopement in NYC was followed by a quick Honeymoon in D.C. (and a Beyoncé concert, of course!). The result was a 3-day photo session around Washington D.C. and New York City that is an emoji heart feast for the eyes.
"We have Style Me Pretty to thank for our photographer, Alisa Ferris. When we read about how she saved another couple from wedding disaster (READ: "Their Photographer Didn't Show Up! Here's What Happened Next), we knew we had to have her," said Seth.
Now that their nuptials are legal, the pair are becoming recognized as gay rights advocates in their home country. "Not only did we want to get married for ourselves, but also, to set an example for our son, Jasper," commented Seth. "We wanted to show him to stand up for what you believe in."

"What we didn't realize was that so many others would be inspired by our actions. Since we've become more open about our relationship," Jacky continued, "I've received messages from many young kids telling me they were on the brink of suicide until they heard our story; now they have hope of living a life of love and happiness."

Having overcome such challenges has made this power couple even stronger. Seth, the mastermind behind the couple's advertising agency, and Jacky, a prominent fashion designer, whose clothes have been spotted on the likes of Neyo and Lance Bass, now look forward to the future with a relaxed heart.
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From Alisa Ferris... When I heard Seth + Jacky's story, I knew instantly I wanted to document the story of their love. Sadly, even in the U.S. wedding industry, you will encounter vendors who don't support same-sex marriage. In my role as a photographer of same-sex marriages, I'm not merely an artist, I also consider myself an activist.